How to lose a Glasgow Uni student in 10 days

The WORST Glasgow icks you will come across this Valentine’s Day

With January officially over – congrats for making it BTW – we come into every single person’s least favourite time of year.

Valentine’s Day creeps up, waiting to pounce on us with cringe, hallmark cards, red heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, and teddy bears. It’s intimidating!

No matter the time of year, first dates are guaranteed to be slightly cringey, embarrassing, or scary. We at The Tab Glasgow thought that you might need some extra help this year, in the hopes that at least some of those first dates are a little less disappointing.

We asked for your Glasgow icks and turn-offs. If you find these applicable, or relatable, maybe reevaluate your dating choices.

Whether you’re trying to get further in that situationship or preparing for the big day of love this month, here is a list of the most popular Glasgow-based icks as submitted by you… The Glasgow DONT’s of dating.

 1. ‘When they prefer JMS to the library’

It is my personal belief this is only acceptable for freshers.

 2. ‘Being Firewater Thursday obsessed’

Why would you voluntarily wait in a queue worse than those at Disneyland EVERY Thursday.

 3. ‘Being on the Glasgow University Rugby Team’

This was a popular one… No further explanation needed.

 4. ‘People who stay in Queen Margaret halls’

This came up a couple of times, take that as you will!

 5. ‘People who come from Edinburgh private schools’


 6. ‘When, on a date, they ask ‘Rangers or Celtic”

Again, valid. Leave it until the 3rd date.

 7. ‘Loop and Scoop dates’

Overrated, if I do say so myself.

8. ‘People who put down other people’s subjects’

Don’t be expecting a second date.

9. ‘When their only date idea is ‘let’s go pub”

Come up with something a tad more romantic, where are the Matthew McConaughey’s of the world?

10. ‘Strathclyde students when their only joke is about ‘UofG wankers”

Give it a rest, and come up with something new for once maybe?

11. And finally, our winner of ‘biggest Glasgow ick’… ‘The Glasgow Uni accent!’

It’s truly something, isn’t it?

If we have missed any off or you have any nightmare dating stories to do with Glasgow folk let us know on our Instagram.

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