Love Island’s Zara says she ‘couldn’t win’ with Olivia as she reveals how they knew each other

Zara described their friendship as ‘good vibes’ before the show

Winter Love Island star Zara Lackenby-Brown has revealed that before entering the villa her friendship with Olivia Hawkins was “good vibes”, but the vibe soon changed when she entered the villa as a bombshell.

It was no secret that Zara and Olivia knew each other before the show, but no one really knew why they were beefing so much over such little things while they were in the villa together. Love Island viewers aren’t the only people who were confused by it as Zara didn’t know what Olivia’s issue was.

Speaking to The Sun, Zara confirmed she and Olivia “were acquaintances through work” and whenever they crossed paths “it was good vibes”. When Zara entered the villa, she assumed she “would have a friendly face in there who would help me feel at ease”, but the bombshell realised “how wrong” she was.

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Zara said: “Every little thing I was doing in there she felt was a dig at her. I felt like I couldn’t win with her – nothing I was doing was right.” The bombshell has also given her opinion on Olivia’s current actions in the villa, describing them as “odd”.

She added: “What’s interesting is I feel like Liv is kind of almost doing what she did to me to Tanyel now – which is odd. She made a comment when Spencer left about Tanyel moving on. Well, Liv what did you do when Harris left? You shifted your focus on Aaron and Tom, because you have to work with what you’ve got.

“I just don’t get her motives behind a lot of things. We left on good terms but I do sort of watch now and think well, now Tanyel is kind of getting the brunt of it which isn’t fair.”

It was previously reported that Olivia and Zara were in a music video together three years ago, and Love Island viewers lost their minds over the connection.

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