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The Last Dance: GDT closes its doors for the final time at Studio

Tuesday nights just won’t be the same without you

Groovy Disco Tech, known around the Toon as GDT, saw the students of Newcastle dance their last dance at their closing party last night.

First opening its doors in 2018, the Tuesday night club night has become a firm favourite for students, with disco, disco-house, and disco-tech playing all night long. For the past five years, the event has sold out on a weekly basis, and last night was no exception, with a queue of hopefuls waiting eagerly outside the venue to get in.

Situated in Studio’s basement with ceilings so low that even the smallest people feel tall, the event brought people together in an intimate setting, allowing new DJs to showcase their talent and play among friends.

Ross Clough, co-owner of GDT, alongside Wes Allmark, founder, said: “Wes and I are obviously very sad that GDT is no longer going to be at Studio. For Wes, it has been his second home for the best part of five years when the club used to be called MSA and for me, it’s been mine for the last nearly two years.

“There’s just a certain feeling you get in a sweaty basement full of people enjoying themselves and smacking the roof to something you’ve worked so hard on week in week out!”

Beau Malik, a third year Newcastle student and GDT regular , said: “GDT offered an alternative night out for students and added some variety to Newcastle’s nightlife.

“The music and the people were always good vibes. I can’t wait for its return!”

Whilst no official plans have been announced, Ross reassures that GDT will be back soon.

He said: “The reasons as to why GDT is moving on from Studio are mainly because we feel like it’s time for the next chapter. The demand for tickets on a weekly basis is very high, meaning we cannot always fit everybody into Studio comfortably.

“We’re going to miss the club so much, it’s done a lot for both of us and GDT, I think it really broke the stigma that if you run a music-led weekly student event it can’t be successful.”

You have our hearts GDT and Tuesday nights won’t be the same without you. But we’ll never forget the sweaty memories and groovy tunes that you bought to the Toon.

All images via Arun Thety, Groovy Disco Tech