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The Bristol Tab’s Clubber of the Week

Hopefully the hangovers weren’t too bad for those of you who stopped drinking for an entire month

Last week finally saw the end of dry January so everyone and their mum obviously hit the town to celebrate. Whether you completed it yourself, or just felt less guilty about going out because there were no more “damp Jan” warriors frowning  upon you; I truly hope you made the most of being able to get blackout again.

The “new year new me” era is positively over and now its Miss February’s time to shine. All the classic social themes were out to play in celebration. From “white lies” to “anything but clothes”, every club in Bristol was teeming with rugby boys and football girls in terrible fancy dress.

Hopefully the hangovers weren’t too bad for all those who stopped drinking for an entire month. To help battle the inevitable hangxiety, we’ve decided to do the honours of looking through all the club Facebook photo albums so that none of your gorgeous drunken photos go to waste. Here are our favourites this week. Fingers crossed you made the cut!

Bed Mondays at Clock Factory

The prince of darkness is NOT happy about being papped indulging in a cheeky bit of DnB. I wonder if the person behind the camera felt as intimidated as I do right now when they took this photo. I’m honestly quite frightened. I can feel his angsty emo energy from here. Someone redirect this man to the top deck of Thekla on a Thursday.

BED Mondays at The Clock Factory (again)

Can’t believe these guys got barrier for Clock Factory #livingthedream. Obviously some really avid DnB enjoyers going crazy on a school night. The strobe lights , gun fingers and bass faces are rapidly taking over BED Mondays causing all cheese enjoyers to run for the hills.

The Big Cheese at La Rocca

Speaking of cheese… an eclectic assortment of characters occupied the dance floor of La Rocca  last Wednesday.

I’m really not sure on the theme of this night out or whether these people even came to the club together. They could all be British Icons but that’s just a guess inspired by the obvious Po costume. Either way I love the dedication to the cause, whatever it is. The wig is most definitely wigging girl.

Thursday at La Rocca

Love beers. Love my wife. Love La Rocca with the boys.

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