These are the eight types of personalities you’ll find in every Bournemouth Uni seminar

You are definitely on this list

Seminars can be an intimidating place; its early, you’re hungover, you might even have to do a presentation. The collection of cliché characters in your class makes the whole thing even more difficult. Here are the eight seminar personalities you are sure to encounter in your BU seminars:

The one who always joins by Zoom

There’s always that one person who can’t be bothered to come in and messages the chat “what’s the Zoom link?”. Then their face looms ominously from the screen, silently watching over the seminar room like the eye of Sauron.

The one who thinks it’s a Fashion show

The type of girl you know wakes up an extra hour early to do her hair and make up so it is absolutely flawless. While you sit there in leggings and a hoodie, she’s come dressed for the met gala, or model-off-duty. Well, Oscar Wilde did say you can never be overdressed or overeducated.

So, my name is Bella Hadid

The one who’s always eating

There’s always one person who decides to tuck into their student shop meal deal as soon as the seminar starts. Nothing more frustrating than the sound of people eating, and now the whole room smells of cheese and onion crisps, and now you’re hungry too.

The one who types too loud

We all know the one dude who might as well bring a typewriter to class with all the noise he’s making. And why does he feel the need to type every word spoken in the room?

The one who sits in front of you online shopping

I hope you know we’re watching. We’re all watching. Everything you add to your basket. Sometimes we actually become very invested, and when class ends, we’re left with many questions.

Why are you looking for bungalows? What’s wrong with your old car? Where are you going to wear that crushed velvet suit? And how do you afford all that?!

Is that right move?

The one you have a crush on

The Edward to my Bella, Central Cee to my Madeline Argy, the Tom to my Zendaya. He’s tall, he’s fit, and he’s so articulate your brain shuts off when he speaks. You add him on social media in week three (not too soon, you don’t want to seem too eager) and break your own heart when you see he’s already in a relationship.

The one who’s too cool to speak

Definitely smokes roll-ups, definitely wears a hat indoors. This guy has lived several lifetimes, every time you speak he has a new story of how he met the current King, or his grandfather’s involvement with the Spanish mafia in the 80’s.

The one the lecturer loves 

There’s always one who’s done all the reading two weeks in advance, his hand more erect than Matt Hancock during a lecture on breaching quarantine. He dominates the seminar and isn’t afraid to correct you on any minor detail. With five minutes left of class he starts a heated debate with the lecturer while everyone else has already packed their bags and turned towards the door.

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