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These are the Islanders who smoked or vaped in the Love Island 2023 villa

Apparently they were only allowed to smoke at lunchtime and dinnertime

The one thing Love Island viewers miss about the OG seasons of the show is seeing all the Islanders in the smoking area, there was nothing quite like it.

Love Island no longer airs the Islanders smoking after ITV banned smoking in the villa after thousands of people complained about the amount of it being shown on screen. Islanders now have to follow rules which allows one Islander at a time to leave the villa for a smoke.

Dumped bombshell Zara Lackenby-Brown has since revealed which of the winter Love Island 2023 cast members have been smoking and vaping in the villa. Speaking to Closer, Zara said: “Quite a few of the Islanders vape. I believe Shaq and Tanyel vape and Ellie smokes.”

Love Island 2023 smoking

via ITV

Going into detail about how the Love Island 2023 smoking rule works, Zara said: “To vape or smoke and have a break, you have to ask or request it and then you go outside the villa – just to the front door. You stand there with one of the producers or runners and you have your few minutes. Then you go back into the villa by yourself.”

Ellie Spence recently opened up in a TikTok video about which Islanders vape and smoke, and she said all of them vape. During an Instagram Q&A, Ellie was asked who vaped and/or smoked in the villa and she responded: “Everyone smoked or vaped. We would all fight to go out at dinnertime and lunchtime. You could only go in those times. I used to want one at breakfast, I was that stressed.”

In an Instagram post from before the villa, Love Island viewers were quick to point out that Samie had an Elf Bar in her hand while at a festival.

Olivia and Maxwell have also revealed even more Islanders who vape in the villa. In an interview with Kiss, they said Shaq, Will, Samie and Claudia all vaped in the villa. “There were others who would sneak a little vape when they weren’t supposed to,” Maxwell said.

Olivia went on to say the Islanders would “argue” who could go out and vape first and it would often be Will who would be out there for “a long time”.


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During last summer’s Love Island, Casa Amor bombshell Josh Le Grove, revealed that the only person who smoked in the villa was Davide and Adam Collard vaped. I would pay good money to see Adam with an Elf Bar.

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