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These are the top five places to take your Valentine for a romantic date in Newcastle

For those who just cannot go to Ghetto Golf again

Valentine’s Day is quickly upon us, and for this season of love, I’m definitely looking to spend some quality time with my partner. So from someone who has successfully hit their first anniversary in the Toon, here are the best spots to visit with your (or maybe soon-to-be?) significant other. 

Meeple Perk

I’m an activity date kind of girl, and while bowling and mini golf are all good and such, they can get a little repetitive. For a challenge that leans a little more mental, try Meeple Perk, the local board game cafe. It’s cute, it’s great value, and above all, you can decimate your date guilt-free. The cafe boasts a great assortment of drinks to go with the even larger library of games, and the staff are always happy to guide you if need be.


Spot White or The Hustler

Keeping to the activity theme dates for now, I’m always partial to a game of pool. Both are pretty affordable at under a tenner an hour and have food and drinks to keep you there for a good while. Spot White has a fun vibe with the darker room and a full menu of crazy shots, while The Hustler is cheaper, brighter and a little closer to the higher part of town. And hey, it’s just an opportunity to see your partner take a shot while bent over a table, or a little less appealing, into a pretzel.

Quayside/Tynemouth Market

I personally love a good market browse, but I’ll be honest with you, I’m there for the dogs. My boyfriend and I are regularly on the watch for cute pets, and markets are a surefire way to spot lots of furry friends. The amazing range of stalls doesn’t hurt either, with tons of tiny gems that may drain your wallet quickly if you’re not careful! Whether you choose to get a new mug or partake at the many food trucks, markets always guarantee a nice walk – possibly hand in hand with your date?

Everyman/Tyneside Cinema 

While Cineworld seems to be the go to, these two are definitely much prettier and more romantic cinemas. Everyman is a little pricer than the others in the Toon, but the comfy sofa seats are quite good for a cuddle. They also do food to your seat, with a lovely range of drinks and even build-your-own sundaes! Tyneside offers £5 tickets with a young person membership, and their trio of food spots provide sandwiches, drinks and even dessert without breaking the bank.

Kielder Observatory

If you really want to kick it up a notch for a special occasion and at least one of you can drive, Kielder Observatory is sure to offer stunning views and a unique trip. About an hour and a half away, it’s often called the best place for stargazing in the UK. The observatory does run on a booking system, and you won’t be allowed entry without a ticket. They also offer courses – usually about £‎26 – like introductory astronomy or their Myth and Aurora Night events, and there are plenty of accommodation options nearby. So make sure you book up early for an unforgettable night under the stars!