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Do not even think about giving these gifts to your partner on Valentine’s Day

We all know every girl just wants a Jellycat anyway

The pressure of performing well on the most romantic day of the year doesn’t just apply to what goes on in bed room, the highly anticipated gift exchange can make or break a couple. 

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself getting wined and dined over a candle lit dinner this Tuesday, get ready for that cheesy card and present. 

Knowing what to buy someone is hard and if you have received any of these gifts in the past I feel for your relationship. Trust us, avoid giving these gifts on Valentine’s Day and save yourself the awkward smiles and fake thank yous.

1. Fem Fresh 

If you get given this it’s probably a sign you should start mixing your vodka with pineapple juice before you go out.

No but actually imagine, this fruity, feminine range would probably have anyone’s jaw on the floor if they unwrapped this on Valentine’s Day.  

The Fem Fresh deodorant would also be extremely peak.  

2. Teeth whitening strips 

Not quite the romance you expected and would probably lead me to enquiring at Invisalign. 

Even if your partner has taken an interest in improving those pearly whites, I promise you this gift will not go down well. 

3. Amazon voucher 

Receiving this would give me flashbacks to Christmas Day with distant relatives, your relationship definitely needs some spice and some thought on how well you really know each other. 

On the bright side at least you can buy some books for your course. 

4. Any thing relating to fitness 

A gym membership, vouchers to a Pilates class, trial session at Tribe, all a big no. Leave anything cardio related for until you get home after the date…

Unless its Lulu Lemon leggings or you genuinely love sport, these sorts of presents could look like a bit of a hint. 

5. Heart shaped Pandora necklace 

Cute but extremely basic, you probably haven’t given the gift a lot of thought. 

Also quite hard to re gift so leave the receipt in the bag babe.

6. Three in one body wash 

Surely not, even if this is in some sort of gift hamper it’s a low blow. 

And if it’s Ted Baker related just breakup now. 

7. Self help book 

Worried about life after uni? Early twenties mid life crisis? Struggling to make 9ams after Grav? 

Let your partner know you care in other ways that doesn’t involve reading. 

8. A t-shirt or bear with a picture of yourself on 

Firstly these sorts of overly personalised gifts are extremely cringe and something your partner probably won’t be wearing out in public. 

If you have considered this your relationship is definitely your whole personality trait. 

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