Meet your fellow Notts students who were on Young MasterChef

Three contestants on the BBC cooking show are studying in Nottingham

The brand-new series Young MasterChef started last month and three of the fifteen contestants who were on the show are studying in Nottingham. Bobby, Keziah and Xavier were among the other 18-25 year olds who aimed to wow judges Poppy O’Toole and Kerth Gumbs with their cooking skills.

Olatunde (Bobby) 

20-year-old UoN Mech Eng student Olatunde, originally from Dunstable, has always thought of having a food-related career and hopes MasterChef can help him achieve his dreams. He said he loves how food connects people from all over the globe and particularly loves Southeast Asian cooking. Bobby tries to make a real effort trying to reduce the amount of food waste he creates, as his experience in Kitchen’s has highlighted how much gets thrown away. He said: “Cooking in the MasterChef kitchen is like a tough workout.” He added it feels very surreal as a fan of the show. Bobby currently has Bobby’s Bakes and would love to own a food truck to travel the world with one day.

via MasterChef


Keziah is a 21-year-old Nottingham Law Student. She loves to cook comfort food and food inspired by her Caribbean roots. Her Grandparents are a huge inspiration for her cooking, as she claims they have a way of making the simplest dishes take amazing. She hopes to bring her artistic vibes and creativity to the competition. Keziah said: “The experience so far has been so eye opening for me, I’m acknowledging my flaws and working on them.” She’d like to make a cookbook with meals at affordable prices so she can share her unique recipes far and wide.

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20-year-old UoN Psychology student is currently on a year abroad in Valencia. He has over 1 million views on his dishes on TikTok and finds inspiration from many other social media cooks. Xavier really wants to enhance his cooking skills and learn as much as he can on the show. He said: “Cooking in the Young MasterChef kitchen is an incredible experience, something I will never ever forget.” Xavier is aiming high and wants to be one of the best chefs in the world, which he believes he can be if he pushes himself.

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You can watch the episodes and catch your fellow Notts students on BBC Three or iPlayer, but be warned they will most definitely put your pesto pasta to shame.

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