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Omg, Reece left The Apprentice because he was drinking alcohol on the flight to Dubai

Lord Sugar was livid

Reece Donnelly allegedly left The Apprentice week six once the plane landed in Dubai for the task after it was discovered that he’d been drinking alcohol on the flight.

Reece was seen with the candidates at the airport before the flight, listening to Lord Sugar on the tablet tell the candidates the details of the corporate away day task they undertook for week six, but once everyone was in Dubai he was missing. Lord Sugar later then said Reece had left the process when everyone was back in the boardroom.

Reece has said on social media that he left The Apprentice because he was unwell, but a source told MailOnline: “Reece was sent home and didn’t film in Dubai. Producers were unimpressed when he had several alcoholic drinks on the flight even though he was told not to.

“Lord Sugar was obviously furious, he couldn’t believe someone would risk securing his £250,000 investment for the sake of a drink. He later told the candidates in the boardroom that Reece had been eliminated from the process.”

A spokesperson for The Apprentice also told MailOnline regarding why Reece left The Apprentice: “Reece was unable to continue in the process, this was discussed and agreed between Reece and programme-makers.”

I mean, considering how the candidates fared in Dubai perhaps Reece got a lucky escape after all.

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