Which Notts halls would the winter Love Island cast be in?

I wish Ian Stirling was narrating my life

It’s well into cuffing szn and Love Island is back on our screens for a ninth series, this time with a hot new bombshell, the one and only Maya Jama. While the beautiful South African villa is far from the humble terraced abodes of the Lenton triangle that most of us are residing in, it is safe to say that this season has got us hooked to the edge of our seats.

Although now it is very unlikely we will see the cast of Love Island browsing the shelves in Hallward, cutting shapes at Crisis or doing karaoke on a Wednesday at Sheaves, it is fun to imagine which halls of the cast would be in if they were to trade the world of brand deals and trips to Dubai for a degree.

Will – Sutton Bonnington

The nations sweetheart, farmer Will would obviously be living somewhere on Sutton Bonnington Campus looking for a like-minded girl to become the mother to his farm babies. Apart from the fact that he is a farmer, It can be imagined that Will would be one of those people who rarely makes an appearance at the club night but when he does make the trek from Sutton Bonnington you can be sure that he is going out out. He would definitely be a sucker for an Ocean night, going all out in a whacky costume. Ick or not, you decide?

Ron – Derby

The nicey nice Derby boy facade really radiates from Ron, we have all unfortunately fallen for this trap at one point in our time at Notts, and if you haven’t, trust me, your time will come. Ron is a man who does not know who or what he wants, he just knows that his social status is much more important than the way he treats any of his many girls. Derby Hall provides him with plenty of like-minded friends and would probably be spotted in “Fuck It” room in Crisis each Wednesday, because he’s just not like other boys. So underground. So edgy.

Liv – Hugh Stewart

Liv – Hugh Stewart

Lana – Lenton and Wortley

Lenton and Wortley is one of the halls on campus that is a bit unspoken about, however as far as student halls go it is actually quite attractive both in the architecture and the central location. It’s perfect if you are bound to get Freshers’ Flu, in a convenient location for frequent visitors of Cripps Medical Centre. Gorgeous girl Lana is understated and kind, much like Lenton and Wortley, she has a solid girl group and very much is a classic Notts girlie, starting with her blonde hair.

Zara – Riverside Point 

I simply cannot imagine Zara would even comprehend the thought of catered food, she very much seems the type to need her own space and living on campus means that she would be far too close to the action. However, by week three she would definitely regret her decision to be off campus, never make any of her lecture because of the trek to Uni Park and would instead live in her friends rooms in Cripps, despite not being invited.

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