Pack up your things and get to know Cat Burns, the viral star nominated for three Brit Awards

She’s mates with Jade Thirlwall AND Sam Smith?! An icon

Cat Burns is the viral sensation who is now up for three major Brit Awards this year. The singer, who rose to fame during the Covid-19 pandemic, has been nominated for Song of the Year, Rising Star and Best Pop & RnB Act at just 22 years old. Cat Burns is the soundtrack to a lot of our emotions and she deserves all the awards.

She is due to perform at this year’s Brit Awards, but if you’re unfamiliar with her music and find yourself asking, ‘Who is Cat Burns?’, you need to go outside more. Here’s everything you need to know about the viral sensation, Cat Burns.

She is ONLY 22 years old!

Cat Burns is a British singer-songwriter, who when you find out her age, will leave you floored. Cat was born on June 6th 2002 and is from Streatham in South London. The Gemini icon attended The BRITs School and in 2016 she self-released her debut EP Adolescent at just 16 years old.

Cat attempted to “pitch” herself to record labels but was finding no luck. Speaking to the BBC, Cat said: “I struggled a lot. When I was going around to record labels and trying to pitch myself, there weren’t many Black female artists that they could use as a blueprint or as proof that this music sells and works. That was quite frustrating. I knew the demand was there because this is the music I’ve always loved listening to.”

In 2020, Cat went viral on TikTok

During the Covid-19 lockdown era of our lives, Cat went viral after posting videos of her original music on TikTok. One song that is in everyone’s playlists and is probably Cat’s most popular song, is Go. After it went viral, she was able to secure a record deal with Since 93 and Go reached number two on the UK Singles Chart. Cat went on to release several different versions of Go on streaming platforms, including one with Sam Smith as a feature.

She is a three-time Brit Award nominee

Cat Burns has been nominated for three Brit Awards this year, and they are all huge. Cat has been nominated for the Rising Star award, British Pop/R&B Act award and her song Go was nominated for Song of the Year. Earlier in the year, Cat placed fourth for the BBC Radio 1 Sound of 2023 and in 2022 she was nominated for the Best UK & Ireland Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

‘I want to inspire young Black queer girls’

Speaking to The Face ahead of the Brit Awards, Cat said she gets stopped in the street by Black girls who say they have felt inspired by her to play an instrument. She said: “That’s the exact reason why I’m doing what I’m doing. I just want to inspire other young Black girls, and other young Black queer girls, and show that there’s a space for us.”

She supported Ed Sheeran and Olly Alexander on their respective tours

In 2022, Cat Burns was invited by Years & Years singer Olly Alexander to support him on the UK leg of his Night Call Tour. Later in the year, Cat also supported Ed Sheeran on certain dates of his Mathematics Tour.

Her and her girlfriend are couple GOALS

Cat identifies as queer, and in an interview with Gay Times, said she is proud to “represent a group of people who aren’t straight white men.” Cat has been with her girlfriend for two years and they are the cutest couple ever. Jodie, Cat’s girlfriend, often shares photos of the two of them together and it’s super wholesome.

In an Instagram post celebrating their two year anniversary, Cat said: “We’re two! Officially toddlers! Grateful you choose me to be the one who gets to love you everyday, and I’m so grateful to be loved by you. Happy anniversary my love, life with you is so sweet.”

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