From unaired arguments to Will’s antics: What Zara has said about the Love Island 2023 cast

Zara said she is ‘disappointed’ in Lana for going back to Ron

Zara has been out of the winter Love Island 2023 villa and she has been talking all about her time on the show and her thoughts on her fellow Islanders. Zara left Love Island way too soon but she has been spitting nothing but facts since she left the villa.

From giving her opinion on current couples to if she thinks certain Islanders are being honest with their intentions, here is everything Zara has said about her fellow Islanders on winter Love Island 2023, since leaving the show.

‘I think Aaron was a little bitter’

Zara about Love Island 2023

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If you cast your mind back to way back when Aaron began to offer his ten pence on the Zara and Tom situation, he said Zara was the person most likely to talk behind his back in a game of truth or dare. Zara has since said she and Aaron never cleared the air.

Speaking to Closer, Zara said: “Me and Aaron did not actually clear the air after he picked me as the most likely to talk behind his back. I think there was a lot that wasn’t aired of mine and Aaron’s journey. I think he was a little bit bitter towards me because I think me and Tom were really close at that point and I think he didn’t really have any connections in the villa.

“There was a lot to that. There’s probably a lot to still tell. He never apologised and we never fully cleared the air after that.”

‘Me and Tom are not on good terms’

Zara about Love Island 2023

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A mere day before Zara was savagely dumped from Love Island, she had a huge argument with Tom, and even called him a community penis. Yikes. In an interview with Closer, Zara admitted she still has unresolved issues with Tom.

She said: “Me and Tom are unfortunately not on good terms right now. But I wish him all the best and I genuinely think at the moment seeing him and Samie connecting makes sense. She’s more his age. I think ultimately we weren’t compatible.”

‘People’s opinions on Jessie may be unfair’

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One topic of conversation amongst a lot of the dumped Islanders is if they think Jessie and Will are the real deal. The couple are going from strength to strength in the villa, but it isn’t clear if Jessie is with Will for the right reasons.

Speaking to RadioTimes, Zara said: “Jessie and Will were definitely very close in the villa, I think some people’s opinions on Jessie may be unfair. What one person might find attractive in someone, someone else might find something else attractive. I think some people might find that Will is a bit of a showman and maybe too much. But I think Jessie sees him as quirky and charismatic. So I genuinely do think that they are real.”

‘I’m disappointed in Lana’

Love Island Ron

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Zara was speaking on behalf of every Love Island viewer when she said she was “disappointed” in Lana for going back to Ron. In an interview with RadioTimes, Zara said: “I’m quite disappointed in Lana that she’s gone back to Ron. I was really proud of her when she picked Casey. I thought, ‘Yes, she’s remembered her worth, she’s gone with her head and her heart and she can at least try things with Casey.

“But I think within a day, she’s just gone straight back to Ron. She’s allowed Ron to get into her head and I feel really bad for Casey. I think he had a lot to give and he really was focused on her and I do think she’s made the wrong decision, but we’ll have to see.”

‘Ron and Olivia aren’t genuine’

Zara has also opened up about the Islanders she doesn’t think are genuine. Speaking on FUBAR Radio’s Access All Areas, Zara said: “People that I think maybe come across not as genuine as the others: Ron. I hate to say it because we’re on good terms but maybe Olivia. Just because I question some of her actions and her motives behind the way she moves the way she does.

“Maybe also the Aussies that came in because they’ve done it before. If you’ve done it once and It didn’t work out, why would you do it again? Unless it’s just for a career boost.”

‘I was not expecting Kai and Olivia to be together’

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One couple that shocked Love Island viewers the most was Kai and Olivia. They began cosying up to one another and are now in a couple, but not everyone is convinced, Zara included.

She said: “I’ll be really honest. I was not expecting Kai and Olivia to be together right now. When I lived in there they didn’t seem to have that kind of chemistry. They were in there from the start and Kai was into Tanyel and Anna-May. Liv was obviously into Tom, then it was Aaron, then it was Spencer. Maybe they just kept crossing paths and suddenly they thought, ‘Oh! You’re the one!’ But it seems more like it’s convenient for now.”

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