10 things to do in Edinburgh for Galentine’s Day

On Galentine’s we wear pink

Galettes and ladettes it’s time to starting planning for our favourite fictional holiday.

Whether or not you are coupled up with Mr or Mrs right, Galentine’s is a great way to celebrate friendships and all those special platonic connections. From cuddling up to a rom-com binge to getting sloshed on a night out, there is something here for everyone:

1. Galentine’s dinner party

This one is superrr easy. Invite your closest group round, put some Taylor tunes on and pour yourself a G&T whilst the Coq Au Vin is cooking in the oven.

Try some fairy lights, candles and pink flower bouquet’s for decoration, maybe even sprinkle some love heart cut outs around the place settings to jazz it up!

To start off the meal make sure everyone’s name cards are placed at their assigned seat. Something super cool that you can do with these are writing quotes or dares that that assigned person has to slip into conversation or do before the end of the meal, where everyone will have the opportunity to guess what it was.

During the main course you can play some dinner party games like Never Have I Ever, Would You Rather, Two Truths and A Lie, Heads Up, etc.

Remember to cheer to some wonderful friendships and chat shit about your exes.

For dessert bring out the chocolates and strawberries, and revel in the fact that none of you are in dysfunctional relationships… or at least not officially.

Finally, reminisce about old bizarre stories which those couple up girls wouldn’t be allowed to talk about anymore.

2. Cocktail making class – for the girls

I don’t know about you, but this is something I am DYING to do with mates. Imagine a way of branding day drinking as classy or even educational!

Tipsy Parties has a FAB deal where you can book a cocktail class for up to 50 people for £22 per person.

Tipsy Parties has a FAB deal where you can book a cocktail class for up to 50 people for £22 per person.

For the more bitter Galettes, The Stand Comedy Club is hosting an “Anti-Valentine’s Day” show on Feb 14th.

If you are sick of all those fourth-floor couples and hand holding George Square walkers this is the event for you.

So, grab some of your other cynically single friends and head over to New Town for a barrel of laughs in a dark basement.

4. Bottomless brunch

If I know Edinburgh girls, and I think I do, bottomless brunch will tickle everyone’s fancy.

What a better way to start the day boozing on fruity cocktails with your Instagram-able avo on toast?

Some of my favourites include the Hanover Tap, Revs, Tigerlily, Slug and Lettuce. and Badger and Co.

5. Have an ex-themed cocktail night

It’s time to get your shakers and blenders out. An ex-themed cocktail night is perfect for a chaotic group of girls who’s love lives are as tragic as Bridget Jones. Turn some sour memories into a sweet experience with these themed cocktails:

  1. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire (you get the premise, light that drink up)
  2. The Other Woman (best paired with a 30 minute breakdown and has an aftertaste of regret)
  3. Gone but Not Forgotten (you thought you could do better…how are you doing now? Making a cocktail about them)
  4. Love On The Rocks (for those will they, won’t they couples)
  5. Rum Baby Rum (this one’s your own fault, your friends told you he was no good months ago)
  6. Ghosted (there should be a couple of these going around the table)
  7. The Take It All (your fridge was empty before your bed was, RIP that Lurpak)
  8. Toxic Waste (you hate them, we hate them, potato potato)
  9. I’ve Got A Text (THIS IS AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE REGARDING YOUR HEALTH, a recent sexual partner recently tested positive for…)
  10. Virgin Mojito (you’re a philanthropist, teaching those who haven’t been taught)

6. Pottery painting class

For our more wholesome Marchmont girlies, Doodles offer a BYOB ceramic workshop where you can get creative with some pottery painting. Prices range from £6.50 to £65 depending on group size and ceramic chosen.

This could also be a fab birthday idea that you haven’t though about before, but it’s definitely something you should be sending to your group chat saying, “OH MY GOD, WE NEED TO DO THIS!!!”.

7. Go on a team Tinder date

Now, the flat Tinder date idea requires a bit more flare. You and your roommates need to set up a tripod and take some banging group selfies – I need lighting, matching outfits, angles and poses.

Show Team Tinder that you guys are fun, flirty, sexy, and not wasting time that you could’ve spent of your degree.

After creating your account swipe left and right until you find the perfect group of rugby boys to spend Tuesday night with.

Who knows, maybe you’ll all be having breakfast together on Wednesday morning.

8. Sleepover – Rom-Coms – PowerPoint evening

Now for my personal favourite, why not have a sleepover night! I know what you are thinking, “Ellen, I live with my friends, every day is a sleepover.”

But you would be wrong. When I say sleepover I mean good, old fashion fort building and popcorn making evening. If you are lucky enough to have a living room everyone can pile into there with blankets and pillows and put on your favourite chick flick.

Screw your flatmate who has a special someone, you are cuddling up to Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Zac Efron and Jacob Elordi this evening.

After movie time, it’s time for the giggles via some PowerPoint action. It’s time to get some first-hand lecturing experience and tell all about your love lives. Perhaps some peer assessment is exactly what you need.

Some cracking categories include ‘first’, ‘worst’, ‘best time’, ‘biggest ick’, ‘most international affair’, ‘sneaky links’ and ‘number of times you have been walking in on’.

Be big, be bold. Your flatmates have definitely heard it before anyway.

9. Sip and paint extravaganza

For something fun and creative, Edinburgh’s sip and paint workshop offers a three hour class of Monet level artwork.

You could paint fruit, Edi, or even a nude model if you fancy it.

Ranging from £35-60, your friends who do arts and crafts for a degree might finally be able to find some vocational work experience.

10. Finally, hit the clubs

This one is for the feral.

After a long day of boozing and fun, end the night with deep regrets and sticky shoes. Here are some of the V-Day themed club nights on:

  • Subway’s Tamagotchi Tuesday – Venoms over Flowers
  • Bongos – Valentine’s special featuring Higgo
  • Three sisters – Valentine’s cocktail evening
  • Sneaky Pete’s – Popular music Featuring Lizzo…on aux
  • Origin – Valentine’s special

So Happy Galentine’s Day everyone! If you do any of these, don’t forget to send in some Galentine’s pics of you and your friends over on The Edi Tab’s Instagram.

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