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You will be shocked at how expensive it is to join these societies at Bristol University

Would you pay £345 a year ???

I assumed it was around £50 to join a society and run around on a muddy field. It turns out I was greatly mistaken because it only costs an arm and a leg.

Don’t loose all hope though because it only costs £5 to join Tailor Swift Society and there are lots more cheaper options. However, if you’re hoping to play sport then you may have to dip into the overdraft and that’s before affording 50 VKs every Wednesday.

We’ll start with the cheap ones and work down to the most expensive society there is to join at The University of Bristol. Remember that on top of these fees the SU adds £25 which is needed to play any university sport. I’m broke just thinking about it.

All the prices are for a year long membership, as displayed on the SU Website and accurate from the time of publishing.

£155 per year

Boat Club (Social rower)

Does a yacht come included in the yearly fee?

Credit @uobboatclub via Instagram


Women’s Rugby (Performance Team Membership)

As a general rule, the women’s teams are much cheaper than their male counterparts. 


Women’s Hockey

This is “for all women who want to pay hockey” and have a lump sum of savings in the bank every year.


Tennis (BUCS Squad)

Women’s Basketball (first team)

Netball (first and second teams)

This membership does not cover the cost of any personal kit so you have to fork out extra for the super cute netball skorts.


American Football (Bristol Barracuda Season Fee)

Men’s Basketball (first team)

How are you meant to afford Jordans and the membership fee?


Mens Hockey Membership (full UBMHC)


Cricket (Men’s Performance Squad)

Squash (Performance Membership)

Men’s Football (Member)

Women’s football is half the price at £100 for the year.


Men’s Rugby (Club Development Membership)

This is the membership for players who are part of the third, fourth and fifth teams.


Cheerleading (Level 1/2/3 full membership)

This is the second most expensive society to join in the whole of the university.

Credit @bristoljets via Instagram


Men’s Rugby (Club Performance Membership)

In first place we have the Men’s Rugby membership needed to play on the first and second teams.

That is an awful lot of money to shout “get your cock out”. A kit package (waterproof training top, UBRFC shorts and socks) has to be additionally purchased at the price of £30. 

Don’t worry though the £345 includes a ticket to the club dinner which makes it a solid bargain.

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