A relationship expert reveals which Islanders will stay loyal and who will stray in Casa Amor

It’s going to be absolute mayhem

The moment all Love Island 2023 viewers have been waiting for is Casa Amor. This part of the series is the ultimate test for the couples to see if they will stay true to their partner, or follow in the footsteps of Liam and Jacques.

There are a few couples who it’s almost obvious they will stray, Shaq and Tanya I’m looking at you, but there are some where it can’t be called. Heart Bingo‘s relationship expert and co-founder of dating site So Syncd, Louella Alderson has given her predictions on who she thinks will stay loyal and who will stray in Casa Amor 2023.

Ron and Lana

Relationship expert Casa Amor 2023

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Louella has said what we’ve all been thinking. She thinks that Ron’s head will turn while in Casa Amor, while Lana will stay loyal. She said: “Ron has the worst track record of all the Islanders when it comes to staying loyal to Lana. Since the start of the show, he has had his head turned by the new bombshells multiple times.

“It wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone if Ron had his head turned in Casa Amor. Ron embraces the different tests that Love Island throws at the couples, and it is likely he will use Casa Amor as an excuse to explore his options.”

Louella doesn’t think Lana will stray and will stay loyal to Ron while being faced with the temptation of new boys. “It is unlikely that Lana will have any real interest in the Casa Amor boys, and I think she will stay loyal to Ron,” she added.

Shaq and Tanya

Relationship expert Casa Amor 2023

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Tanya has been getting the ick from Shaq recently, despite them telling each other they loved each other just two weeks into being a couple on the show. Louella thinks that Tanya’s head will turn “as the ick is something that is hard to recover from”, and Shaq will stay loyal.

She said: “Shaq has been respectful throughout his time in the villa, and he has even called out the other guys out for being disrespectful towards their women.”

Olivia and Kai

Relationship expert Casa Amor 2023

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Kai and Olivia are a fairly new relationship in the villa and Louelle said it isn’t clear if their connection is genuine or not. Louella reckons that Kai’s head is more likely to turn than Olivia’s as neither of them “feels a strong loyalty to the other yet.” However, because it takes Olivia a while to open up to people, she won’t have enough time to warm up to someone new in Casa Amor.

Louella said: “I think Olivia will stay loyal to Kai but more by default than based on genuine feelings.”

Will and Jessie

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It’s obvious how smitted Jessie and Will are, and Louella doesn’t think either of their heads will turn. “They joke and laugh, which is an important aspect of a healthy relationship. But they are also clear and direct in the way they communicate, which is also essential,” she said.

Samie and Tom

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Sam and Tom are a fairly new couple in the villa but they seem to be going from strength to strength. Tom has had his head turned a fair few times in the past, and it is because of this Louella thinks Tom is “quite likely” to have his head turned in Casa Amor.

Samie on the other hand is likely to stay loyal to Tom to give him a chance “to truly commit to her and solidify their connection.” Louella said: “This will be an important moment for Samie and Tom’s relationship, as it will show how much they value each other. If Tom’s head isn’t turned in Casa Amor, this could cement their connection and bring them closer together.”

Casey and Claudia

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This may come as a surprise due to them being the newest couple in the villa, but relationship expert Louella doesn’t think Claudia or Casey will have their heads turned in Casa Amor 2023.

According to Louella, “Claudia and Casey are both confident in their feelings for each other. Claudia was even upset that Casa Amor was starting, as she felt it was too soon for them to be separated.”

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