The Newcastle Tab’s ultimate guide to Galentine’s Day

Cupid was wrong, Valentine’s isn’t just for those in love…

As the most romantic day of the year once again fast approaches, whether we love it or loathe it, I’m sure we are all wondering how to spend Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re cuffed up, single or stuck in a situationship, this year why not make Valentine’s Day for the girls!

What better way to celebrate friendship than with a beautiful Galentine’s celebration, so here are The Newcastle Tab’s top five ways to make this Galentine’s Day the best yet.

1. Decorations 

The first step to the perfect Galentine’s Day inevitably has to be decorations. How can you possibly celebrate love in an environment that’s not entirely covered in pink and red!

With the cost of living crisis looming and art and crafts being the new thing, why not DIY this year and make the decorations part of the fun, as part of your Galentine’s celebrations you could create some pink paper chains or heart-covered bunting to finally replace the outdated Halloween and Christmas decorations that have dominated your living room for far too long now!

2. Food

Everyone knows that food is the key to everyone’s heart so what better way to celebrate Galentine’s then with some beautiful homemade food, the lengths you go to with the cooking are solely down to the creativity, cooking capability and motivations of the group but some of our favourite ideas include; cooking a pink or red dinner, having a “bring a board” night or simply decorating a cake or some cookies, because nothing says “I love you” quite like a sweet treat!

3. Drinks

Galentine’s wouldn’t be complete without some drinks so why not make some special red or pink jelly shots or host a ‘bring a cocktail/mocktail evening’ with each guest creating their very own original cocktail for the group to enjoy!

Alternatively, you could go out to one of The Toon’s many cocktail bars or pubs for drinks and observe the multitude of loved-up couples clogging up your Instagram feed in the flesh!

4. Entertainment 

Whether you’re celebrating Galentine’s with a girly get-together, a movie night or a dinner party, entertainment is crucial to ensuring the perfect Galentine’s. For some guaranteed laughs you could host a quiz or PowerPoint night, or even be your own entertainment with some feel-good karaoke!

Alternately if you’re looking for a quieter Galentine’s, nothing says love quite like a pamper session, so why not create your very own spa, get the face packs and cucumber ready and spend your Galentine’s Day relaxing with the girls!

5. Gifts 

Whilst the gift of your presence should undoubtedly be enough to satisfy your friends, a little bit of gift-giving is always nice. Why not write some cards, organise a beauty swap where everyone can bring a product they love to swap with a friend, or even plan a Secret Cupid because Secret Santa isn’t just for Christmas!

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