A love letter to The Dog and Parrot

Good vibes, good food, and good company

The Dog and Parrot. Where do I begin? From the poster-bombed walls and neon lights to the potent trebs and indie bops, there’s so much to love about this gem of Newcastle nightlife.

Near Newcastle Central Station, on the corner of the street, sits The Dog and Parrot. Glowing neon-red and surrounded by chatting patrons, it’s one of the best night-out spots in town – and here’s why. 

The walls of that place must’ve seen it all – kisses, tears, celebration – and for good reason. No matter the occasion, the D&P’s vibes are unmatched. Every song is either a classic or a banger, and although there is little room to dance, the intimacy of sitting around a table covered end-to-end with trebs and singing your hearts out can’t be beaten.

There are memories to be made in the soft red glow of neon lights, and despite being packed at the weekends, there’s a good reason – an atmosphere like this shouldn’t be missed. If you’re big on capturing every moment, there’s even a photobooth to capture memories with friends. It makes for a pretty cute addition to any Instagram feed too, with a link to a video featuring your pictures. 

It’s the ideal place for students too. No matter what night you go, they’ve got their drinks deals on. With three trebs going for £8 and two for £10 cocktails, you can get merry even on a budget. 

The thing is, The Dog and Parrot is so much more than a good night out. It’s open during the day too, and offers delicious burgers that shouldn’t be missed. Their menu also sports hot dogs, loaded fries and crispy wings. If good food and good deals weren’t enough, they also offer Newcastle matchday screenings and host regular pool tournaments (if that’s more your thing). 

It’s certainly not for everybody, but to those who love it, it’s held dearly in our hearts. Some could argue it’s so good it’s worth the long cues to the two-stalled bathroom. After all, toilet cues are where we meet some of our best friends on a night out, right? 

The D&P is the place to be for good vibes, good food, and good company. What are you waiting for?

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