Here are the best places in York to cry this Valentine’s Day 

Let it all out x

When discussing romantic cities in the UK, York is usually at least in the top three. It’s lovely for tourists, but finding the perfect wedding venue or date idea on every corner makes it easy to shed a tear when your beau only exists in your head. And it gets worse when the Valentine’s Day heart -holding plushies are out and the house couple is more incessant than ever. For us singletons, we find ourselves tearing our hair out at every pucker we hear and romantic dinner plans made. What will we be doing? Sod all, probably.  

As another Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, make sure to make some time for yourself and explore the city’s romantic architecture. And if that fails, here are eight places where you will probably find yourself crying this romantic season. I guess it’s cheaper than therapy.

York Minster

Some would say the Minster is the heart of York. I would say it’s the heart of our sadness when we singletons arrive to find couples taking photos and flaunting their happiness together. I’m glad Ellie Goulding enjoyed getting married here, though, and I’m not at all jealous! 


Not being funny, but why the HELL has Domino’s been infiltrated by couples. I see almost daily an Insta story of a couple sharing pizza, and I’m sure V-Day will be no exception. I’ll stick to my deal for one, thanks. *cries*

The benches outside The Ivy

Image via Google Earth

Thinking about all those couples spending stupid amounts of money on a lovely evening out together makes me lary. Park yourself on the benches outside, grab yourself a bottle of Lambrini and heckle those spaghetti-twirling love birds whilst you hold back the tears. But we’re not bitter, right? (p.s please don’t do this).


Will I find my one true love after dancing away my dignity in Salvos? No, I won’t. What I will do is cry in the toilets then cry at my bank account the morning after, realising I’ve drowned my sorrows on doubles all night. Why do singletons always drink more?

I guess being the life and soul of every function is one perk of being sad and alone. Slay.

Fossgate Books

Image via Google Earth

A student favourite, this famous bookshop closed its doors this year. Perfect for an intellectual mooch and after-cafe browse, York will never be the same. And neither will you when you stand outside and mourn the love of all English student’s lives. Absolutely devastated.

Museum Gardens

Surely you can’t cry here, it’s too pretty! Wrong. Watch as the lawns fill with V-Day tourists trying to find a cute photo op. ‘Can you take a picture for us?’

Can I hell.

The Library

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No one has time for love when we have essays.  Take yourself to the library, write, cry, return and repeat, all whilst watching couples study together. How do they do it?

Flying Tiger 

Have you seen the Valentine’s Day shite they’re selling? Yuck.

I’m joking. Give it all to me please.


Honestly, what a nightmare. Whilst your booed up friends go to the sophisticated local Italian, you find yourself prinking for a night ont’ town. What does a cheeky bev whilst deeping your single status mean? A cry.

Murder on the Dancefloor? More like a sob on the rotating stage. Killer.

Tang Hall

If you know me, you’ll know Tang Hall holds a special place in my heart. My heart, however, isn’t fond of spending V-Day indoors with the sounds of Tang Hall after dark. Cries, shrills, laughs and boy-racers. Shurrup, let me weep in peace.

Cry me a river, said Michael Buble. What Michael says, I do. Here’s to love, here’s to laughter. And here’s to the singletons of York. Who needs an S/O when we have each other. (Me, I do) Cry it out, stuff your face and realise you will find the one. Maybe. One day.

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