Here are the six best places to buy a last minute V-Day gift in York

Better get a move on x

Valentine’s Day is finally upon us and, if you’re lucky enough to have remembered, you’re probably scrambling to find the perfect gift for your significant other. On the other hand, if you were blissfully unaware until you happened upon this article, we’ve got you covered too. Here are the best places in York to buy a last minute Valentine’s gift.

6) The Shop That Must Not Be Named

It’s hard to imagine a York student that isn’t sick to the back teeth of York’s Harry Potter shops, but if the special person in your life remains a devoted Potter-head, there’s no better place to start than here. They carry wands, themed jewellery, Hogwarts house-themed merchandise and an assortment of other cute wizarding trinkets. Try to go early to beat the queue, and why not grab breakfast at Shambles Market while you’re at it?

5) Flying Tiger Copenhagen

This Denmark-based gift shop sells a variety of small knick-knacks at prices that won’t take you much further into your overdraft, including a wide variety of heart-themed chocolates and cuddly toys. This shop could be good for creating a care package, or buying something to go along with your choice of flowers. There’s plenty of range in their offerings, so you might find something to your liking that’s less heart-themed while browsing.

4) The Imaginarium

This shop is on the more whimsical end of the spectrum, with small sculptures, art and pottery on sale, amongst other weird and wonderful products. Does your Valentine need some tastefully peculiar interior decorations? Because, if so, this could be the shop for you. Alternatively, you could take them for a walk into town and see if anything on sale here interests them, before returning later. Better safe than sorry.

3) The Cat Gallery

Is your Valentine a cat lover? The Cat Gallery sells high-quality products from a variety of reputable cat-adjacent brands, with gifts for both cats and their owners on offer. They have small bits, like earrings and stationary, all the way up to larger accessories and clothing. They also sell Jellycats, which honestly you can’t go wrong with. In my experience, almost everyone loves Jellycats.

2) The Yorkshire Soap Company

You can buy an assortment of smelly goods here, including locally-produced candles and soaps (obviously). Some of their pricier items are shaped like food, with slices of cake and gingerbread men on offer, as well as bath bombs with love hearts and other Valentine’s motifs. We suggest that a Valentine’s themed bath could benefit from a trip here, and there’s no better way to celebrate Valentine’s than by smelling great, right?

1) Give the Dog a Bone

Our top pick has to go to Give the Dog a Bone on Fossgate. With two floors of pop-culture and hobbyist gifts, it really is a one-stop shop for the attentive gift-giver. We’ve purchased a plant mister shaped like a mushroom as well as one of their scratch off “Top 100 Movies” posters, and the recipients have loved both. If you choose to go for one of their posters, why not set up a cosy movie night to crack on with some of the top picks? Alternatively, if you’re in it for the long haul, you could make a start on their “Top 100 TV Series” poster – we recommend avoiding “You” in this romantic season though.

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