How to make being alone on Valentine’s Day a full-on win as an Exeter student

Alone on V-Day? Here are some things to do that’s better than going on a date

Being single on Valentine’s Day is made out to be THE worst thing ever even though it is the same as every single day of the year. Whether you’re single by choice, newly out of a relationship or in a FWB (we’ve all been there), the dreaded questions of whether you have a date or whether you’re going to Cavern are starting. Seeing the pitiful look on people’s faces when you say you’re staying home whilst your housemates get wined and dined. Well, as officially a Valentine’s Day Grinch, I am here to explain all the MUCH better things you can do with your Valentine’s Day.

1. Cook yourself a meal you’ve had saved for ages

Whether it is Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok or an actual cookbook, we have all got recipes we’ve been meaning to make and never get round to. Bonus points if you do this in cute pjs and get the perfectly paired wine to match.

2. Take yourself out for dinner

Get to choose a restaurant you actually like and only have to pay for one person. Looking around at the other couples is more fun when you make a game of how long they’ve been together. The first dates that happen on Valentine’s Day are the best to observe.

3. Plan a Galentine’s Day

If you have other single girlies, drinking wine and eating chocolate covered strawberries is a Valentine’s Day cliché for a reason. Whack on a Hugh Grant film for tears or Magic Mike for a bit more of a party and you’re good to go. Valentine’s Day secret Santa is a cute thing to do and means you all still get a gift!

4. Retail therapy

Does anyone else take any chance you get to use retail therapy as a coping mechanism? If you don’t I applaud you, but my god it makes me happy. Get that Zara item you’ve been eyeing for weeks – costs less than dinner and drinks anyway.

5. Focus on your new year goals

If you’re like me, your new year goals would have gone out the window by doing number four; that being said, we’re still pretty early into the year so what a nice way to start up those old promises again? Reading more? Working out? Sorted.

If you’re like me, your new year goals would have gone out the window by doing number four; that being said, we’re still pretty early into the year so what a nice way to start up those old promises again? Reading more? Working out? Sorted.

Any uni students who’s kitchens aren’t disgusting by now are lying to themselves. What could be more fun than cleaning your fridge? No, in all seriousness, this will actually make you feel so good.

7. Self care

Finally, you have the house free to yourself with no one needing to use the bathroom as soon as you start using it. Utilise this time wisely. Have a long hot shower using all your nice products, maybe even treat yourself to some new shower gel, hair mask, facemask, or all of the above.

8. Hibernate

If you go to bed before 10 pm on Valentine’s Day, I will envy the hell out of you. Catching up on sleep in your cosy bed, watching a series or film that you LOVE sounds like the BEST thing right now. Friends? Yes please!

9. Write yourself a love letter

Remembering who you are and why you are amazing is seriously important any day of the year. Valentine’s Day however is a day that a lot of self doubt and anxiety comes into play and this will ensure you squish it. Accompany this with some flowers and you will feel great.

10. Make a vision board

I swear by these; spend your evening on Pinterest collating all your favourite pics of how you want your style to be, your life to look like and what you aspire to become. Make a board on Canva for your laptop and your phone and you can thank me later.

11. Bake a yummy cake for yourself

When do we ever get to do this? This is so cute and so yummy. Play some music, listen to a podcast or watch your favourite show whilst doing it and you will be transported to heaven. WARNING: this is recommended after completing number six on my list to avoid food poisoning.

12. Get yourself ready

Have a new makeup trend you wanted to try? Hailey Bieber straightener beach waves? Give yourself some love by trying new looks.

13. Have a sexy themed party

This is so fun and still staying on theme with love and lust. Gather all your favourites and look amazing.

14. Social media is a no

We always say a social media cleanse is what we need, Valentine’s Day is a good day to start. Who needs to see that couple who has broken up 15 times tell Instagram how in love they are? We’ll hear from you next week, my friends…

 15. Watch Bridget Jones

This one is self explanatory. Make sure to write a diary entry about who you won’t be falling for this year; economic boys, anyone still with a mullet, commitment phobes, emotional fuckwits or rugby boys.

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