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I did a solo date on Valentine’s Day in Newcastle and it was actually perfect

Everyone should date themselves every once and a while

Valentine’s Day is the day of love, so when else is a better time to show it to yourself? If you don’t have one particular person to make you feel special with gifts, dates, and romance, then turn towards the one person you can always count on to read your mind and know exactly what you like – you! So, for this year’s Valentine’s Day, I took myself out to show myself that it’s ok to spend the day of love on your own.

Looking good, feeling good

For me, dressing up is a treat, so just because there is no one to impress, it doesn’t mean I’m going to skip on it. After all, a date is a date. I’m talking favourite outfit, favourite make-up look, and most importantly, having no one around to say they “liked me better natural”. I didn’t have to worry about being too much or just not enough, nor choose between comfort and style. After all, what else better says self-love than pampering yourself a bit and liking what you see every time you walk by a reflective surface?

A wholesome quayside walk

Not many may share the same sentiment, but I love simple dates and the casualty and comfort of it all. Call me weird, but there is always something to find or discover and opportunity for great conversations.

Since talking to myself would probably give me a few strange looks in public, and being alone with my own thoughts is everything but self-love, I headed to walk around the Quayside market. Not only is everything much easier with something sweet to eat, the amount of cute dogs walking around just have to bring a smile to one’s face.

Netflix and chill, but like the literal meaning

A date without romance just because I’m on my own? Not happening. With no one to take up my space under the blanket and steal my snacks, I came back to my room, lit a nice scented candle and put on my all-time favourite romance movie. Best part? No complaining.

A perfect way to end a good time, and while not everybody has the same idea of a date, everyone would benefit from a similiarly spent day. Single, in a situationship, new or long-term relationship, there is always a benefit of spending quality time with yourself.