Leeds’ worst dating horror stories

If this doesn’t make you feel great about being single today, I don’t know what will

We asked you for your worst dating horror stories and if anything is going to make you feel better about being single, it’s this.

From one smooth guy saying his date reminded him of his sister to another student being sent a link to get therapy the next morning, you didn’t disappoint. These are Leeds students’ worst dating horror stories:

‘Wouldn’t leave my accommodation so had to get my friend to call me and say she was in A&E’

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

‘Finished inside me then asked me how my placement search was going’

I mean… at least they’re good at small talk?

‘He showed up wearing his leavers’ hoodie’

It’s okay to be nostalgic sometimes but wearing your 2019 school hoodie to Spoons is not. There’s a time and place and this was not it.

‘He spent the date talking about his ex and then asked me if I hated him’

Sounds like the embodiment of a pick-me boy.

‘I got sent the link to therapy the morning after the date’

We just want to know… what happened on that date?

‘A guy once said I reminded him of his sister’

How to a lose a girl in 2 seconds.

‘A guy once asked me what drugs I do and when I said ‘none’ he gasped and said, ‘Not even ket?’

Not even the bare minimum of ket? How outrageous.

‘After dating for a while I confronted him about seeing someone else and his response was, ‘Yeah but it’s because my grandma died’

Yes, because that makes a lot of sense. I’m sure your cheating antics are exactly what grandma would’ve wanted.

‘He took me behind his work building and said, ‘If [other guy’s name] got to hit then why can’t I?’

There’s nothing more attractive than a whining grown man.

‘After rejecting him he later found me in town and instead of coming up to me to say hello he just sent me a picture of me and my friend from afar’

Nothing says romance like stalker-like pictures taken from the other side of Trinity.

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