GUSDC truly did ‘Kill the Lights’

I went to the GUSDC dance show last weekend and this is why you should go next time

Wow. What a performance. This was my second time attending the society’s annual dance show and it did not disappoint.

It’s safe to say that myself and every other audience member wanted to get up and dance the whole night mesmerizing.

The concoction of energy, lights, music and dancing was the epitome of artistic expression through dance.

There was a bit of everything for everybody, and a lot of effort in everything. Starting off with commercial jazz, contemporary, Bollywood and theatre jazz dancing was the tip of the ice berg for what was to follow.

The night carried on with the audience almost out of their seats dancing along with some Vogue (which was one of my personal favourites), highland dancing, and belly dancing.

Finishing act 1, the curtains dropped as the temperature rose. It was getting quite heated in the audience whether it came from sheer excitement or from the dancers’ energy and effort. It’s safe to say everybody was sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the break to end, wondering how the second act could beat the first.

The second act began with the competing team’s hip hop dance (which was phenomenal), tap dancing, ballet, jazz, heels, contemporary and last but not least the finale by the choreographers.

Before the show I had a moment to speak with one of the choreographers and dancers, Charlie Ashcroft and Olivia Marrins.

First of all, how are you feeling?

Charlie: So excited!

Olivia: Good but nervous! It’s nice to do it in person and not in like a tent like in my first year!

How long have you been teaching your choreography for this night?

Since mid-end of September. We held auditions for choreos back early september time and then classes were put in place by oct and since then we’ve just been working hard at them.

Are you sad this is your last year to teach Charlie?

It’s always sad I think for the people that are graduating. It’s a very important aspect of a lot of people’s uni lives and a good break for everyone so yeah it’s always very emotional!

Describe GUSDC in 3 words:

Charlie: Inclusive

Olivia: Energy

Charlie SLAY!

At the end of the night the dancers gathered in the entrance to collect the flowers and other gifts which their loved ones had brought them to congratulate them on their many weeks of practice for this event.

Although certain dancers are still attending competitions after the annual show, kudos to everyone for balancing university and their social lives alongside their commitments to the society.

It is both heart-warming and inspiring to see such commitment for an art that brings together over 200 people from different courses and backgrounds to become friends and embrace different cultures and dances!