Lancs societies: Here are the 11 theme nights we really want to see

Here are some theme night ideas for when ‘Dress as the first letter of your name’ is no longer cutting it

Society theme nights are an integral part of being a Lancaster student, involving the strangest fancy dress possible, and going to Sugar in something you would not be seen dead in elsewhere. From dressing as a bin, or wearing anything but clothes, here are some ideas for your next Societies Night in Sugar.

Dynamic Duos

Cops and Robbers. Tom and Jerry. Ant and Dec. Batman and Robin. Mario and Luigi. Shrek and Fiona. Shrek and Donkey. Shrek and Lord Farquaad (lots of Shrek-themed ideas). There are so many different paired costume options for you and your best friend. Special shoutout to other pairs including “a princess and a pea”, “soap and a shower sponge”, and “plug and a socket”.

Big when you were little

Dress as something key from your childhood; something that formed a core memory that you were obsessed with. Disney characters, Teletubbies, Maggie and the Ferocious Beast (PLEASE say someone else remembers that show?), the list goes on. However, proceed with caution as it can make third years and above feel really old compared to freshers. 2023’s freshers were born in 2005. 2005!

British Icons 

Gemma Collins. Tracy Beaker. Harry Potter. Spice Girls (any single one of them, or all five for a group costume). Again, the list is endless and ICONIC. Imagine being at the bar in Sugar and Phil Mitchell is buying jaeger bombs next to you.


Dress as your course 

Simple, effective and a conversation starter, although I still have yet to figure out how to dress as Psychology aside from painting a brain on the side of my face and hoping for the best. Zoology and Medicine have it easy for this one.

S**t Shirt 

Classic. That is all. Least shit = dirty pint. Most shit = free drink. We don’t make the rules.

Decades – 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. 

Who wouldn’t want to go to Sugar in a tutu and leg warmers to go as an 80s icon? Or dressed as someone from your favourite noughties band? Getting back to campus, however, could be a bit of an embarrassment.

Animal Kingdom

Dress as your favourite animal. Easy, and likely involves a lot of leopard print. I would KILL to see someone dressed as a sloth in Sugar.

Where’s Wally?

Put on a stripy t-shirt and you’re sorted, and it’s easy to spot the rest of your group. However, it might be extremely hard to differentiate between Wallys, and you may spend half your night saying “Wheres Wally? No, not that one.”


Dress as your type

Rugby Boys. Emos. Blonde. Brunette. Redhead. Everyone has a weirdly specific type, which creates an easy costume option. However, this one could end up a bit embarrassing, one person’s type could be another’s ICK. A costume to reveal all.

Dress as your dream job

This night out might play a part in your new career – manifestation is key.

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