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Love Island 2023’s Zara says Olivia ‘straight up’ isn’t a girls’ girl

‘Why is it one rule for you and one rule for the other girls?’

Love Island 2023 contestant Zara Lackenby-Brown recently said in a podcast she didn’t think Olivia was a girls’ girl. While Zara was in the villa, her and Olivia often argued, usually over a boy and the beef doesn’t seem to be squashed.

Speaking to Will Njobvu during an episode of his podcast, Zara said she “straight up” doesn’t think Olivia is a girls’ girl. Olivia and Zara both knew each other before entering the villa through work, and it was also uncovered they were in a music video together in 2019.

When Will asks Zara if Olivia is a girls’ girl, she responded: “No. Straight up. I have seen enough. I’ve seen how she has tried to stir the pot when Tanyel and Ron got close and when Spencer left Tanyel said, ‘I hope they send in some new boys’.” Zara reflected on how Olivia began sharing her concerns with the other girls, despite her doing the same thing as Tanyel when Haris was dumped from the villa. Zara said: “Is it one rule for you, one rule for other girls?”

Zara also noted Olivia’s issue with Samie during the gladiator game and she said: “Why is it everyday, trying to start beef with the girls? She does it in a really clever way and flips it on them. I’m just seeing a common denominator in a pattern and I don’t get it. I’m not liking so much what I’m seeing. I’m not someone who loves an argument, I’m not there for drama. So when Liv said I was there for drama, I thought she was trying to wind me up because if anyone’s there for drama it’s actually you.”

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