She’s been turning everyone’s heads, so here’s everything you need to know about Sanam

She knows Deji from last year!

Love Island 2023’s Casa Amor was an event like no other. There were tears, laughs an arguments and that was all just from Casey and Claudia. The Love Island villa is definitely more tense than ever with a few Casa Amor Islanders becoming permanent residents in the main villa.

One Casa Amor Islander who has made her mark is Sanam. Kai decided to recouple with her in the iconic stick or twist and for some reason, Olivia is fuming. Besides from that, there is a lot to know about Sanam on Love Island 2023.

Sanam is 24 and is from Bedford

via Instagram @sanamiee

Sanam is 24 years old and is from Bedford. Eagle-eyed Love Island fans realised a former Casa Amor Islander, who is also from Bedford, knew who Sanam was. Under the Instagram post introducing the Casa Amor girls, Deji tagged Sanam and said: “Go on girl.”

She is a social worker and has two degrees

via Instagram @sanamiee

Sanam introduced herself a social worker on the show and according to her Instagram, she has a Bachelor and Masters. In 2019, Sanam graduated from the University of Northampton and said the memories she gained from her time there will stay with her “forever”. Three years later in 2022, Sanam graduated from the University of Bedfordshire and secured her Masters degree.

In an Instagram post, she said: “Finally got my Masters degree. It wasn’t easy but I’m glad I never gave up. I will forever be grateful for my friends and family who supported me throughout the last two years and I will never forget this moment.”

Sanam has 12,000 followers on Instagram

via Instagram @sanamiee

Sanam currently has 12.9k followers on Instagram, which is likely to grow while she is in the villa. Her Instagram is largely filled with selfies and often pictures of her on her travels. Her Instagram highlights showcase how much of a jetsetter she is. Sanam has visited the likes of Trinidad, Sweden and Bulgaria. Sanam’s latest holiday was to the Isle of Wight in August 2022.

She always wanted to couple up with Kai

When Sanam was asked about who she wanted to couple with in the villa, the first Islander she said was Kai. She said: “Kai is my number one. Job wise I think that we’d connect a lot and I think he’s cute!” Sanam also said she was interested in Tom and Casey but it seems now that all roads lead to Kai.

Sanam described herself as ‘fun’ and ‘laid-back’

via Instagram @sanamiee

Before entering the villa, Sanam described herself as “laid-back and fun”, but when it comes to finding the one, she means business. She also said she has “a very flirtatious and bantery” dating technique. Her techniques seemed to work as she is now in a couple with Kai.

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