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The Bristol Tab’s Clubbers of the Week

Another week another questionable sum of money spent on VKs and Jagerbombs

If you feel like you need to seriously consider a going out ban after last week, I can assure you you’re not alone. At least the lectures you keep failing to attend due to crippling hangovers are now being cancelled by the strikes, am I right?

Extremely disappointing turnout from Bed Mondays and Fishies who failed to get their photos out in time for an iconique feature on Clubber of the Week. I guess the devil works fast but the Bristol Tab works faster; more glory to Lizard Lounge and La Rocca this week.

To help battle the inevitable hangxiety, we’ve decided to do the honours of looking through all the club Facebook photo albums so that none of your gorgeous drunken photos go to waste. Here are our favourites this week. Fingers crossed you made the cut.

Timeout at Lizard Lounge

No this pub golfer isn’t throwing up gang signs in Lounge he’s actually just gripping onto his Lost Mary for dear life. This is why Lost Mary’s should be banned. What is going on? Has he taken off the other golfing glove for a more secure hold? NO VAPING IN THE CLUB.

Timeout at Lizard Lounge (again)

This looks like one of those awkwardly staged prom photos. Sorry guys.

The Big Cheese at La Rocca

“No guys did you see us at sports night on Wednesday? We were literally on such a level. Can’t believe we chopped all those VKs. What are we like? ”

The hockey girls are literally on a mad one watch out. The stash is on and they mean business. I have no doubt that they saw off these VKs quicker than you could say UBLHC. Amazing work girlies.

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