Three hilarious disasters you’ll face when making your own pancakes this Shrove Tuesday

I say ‘hilarious’ but really, it’s effort gone down the drain and more importantly, you’re gonna have to cook something else

“Let’s make our own pancakes”, they say. “It’ll be so much fun”, they say. “Buying ready-made pancakes is weak behaviour”, they say. Shrove Tuesday – more commonly known as Pancake Day – is a glorious day on the 21st of February for all lovers of batter, myself included. However, with all this excitement comes trouble in a house of students. Here are some common pancake disasters we’ve all experienced (or have yet to do):

1. Inability to flip the flipping pancakes

It’s make or break. We’ve all been there; we’ve all tried to flex our flipping skills. Your flatmates are watching, you can feel their eyes boring into you and the pan. The pressure is insurmountable, yet you need to muster your courage and act. You take a deep breath, lift and rotate the pan, and voilà – the pancake is ruined, folded in half, flat on the kitchen floor or even better, glued to the ceiling.

2. Burning them

Timing is key. You might think “it’s fine – we can finish the last five minutes of Love Island”, but no. Big, big mistake. You need to always keep an eye on them. From the moment they’re starting to look a little darker, there’s no going back. Give it another 30 seconds and again, you’ve ruined the pancake. What’s more, not only is the pancake black, but the fire alarm instantly goes off and you don’t know which to save first – your food or your ears?

3. They look like sick & taste like shit

Following a recipe is easier said than done. Nothing but adding or forgetting the slightest amount of milk can be detrimental to the aspect and taste of the poor pancake. You’ll only realise something went wrong as you tried to follow the step-by-step instructions when your pancake turns into an omelette. In fact, there’s nothing worse than a soggy pancake you’re struggling to flip over in the pan. If your creation resembles an omelette, let’s be real, there’s not much hope it’ll be exquisite. As the wetness of the batter enters your mouth, you feel the instant need to spit it out, because all it reminds you of is the sick you saw on the ground when you got back last night.

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