Ten moments you’ve definitely experienced if you’re a Birmingham law student

Alexa, play the Suits theme song

When you apply for a law degree, you probably see yourself in a cute outfit, coffee in hand and ready to conquer the world. There are so many programmes  and films, like Legally Blonde and Suits, which show lawyers swanning around swanky offices, earning big bucks and working on important cases. But what is life like for a UoB law student? Here’s a few things you can relate to, freshers through to final years, about studying law.

1. The praise yo
u receive when you tell people you study law 

It’s Freshers’ week, you’re in Rosie’s or PRYZM and you’re waiting for your turn to tell someone (who you’ll probably never meet again) that you’re studying law.

Don’t lie, you secretly love the absolute unwarranted praise you’re about to receive, you wannabe Harvey Specter… you haven’t even started your degree yet.

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2. Finding the law section in the library

Even though most other subjects have sections dedicated specifically to them, you think you’re special. No, you are special. Because you are a drum roll please, law student.

3. Better yet, finding the Harding Building

The Harding Building to a Brum law student is what Central Perk is to the Friends gang, the Met Steps to Serena and Blair and Moe’s Tavern to Homer Simpson.

With scenic views of campus coupled with other law students furiously typing away as if they are working on a multimillion-dollar case, what more could you really hope  for in a study space.

4. The shock you experience when you find out that you don’t have reading week

‘But law = reading cases, why don’t I have reading week?!’ Cries in law.

5. The love you’ll inevitably have for the criminal law module

Briefly second guesses all dreams and aspirations to become a corporate/commercial lawyer.

6. The importance of getting the attendance code

God forbid your MyAttendance app is acting up,  your lecturer doesn’t read the code out until the end of the lecture, or worse…forgets to.

7. The decline in your efforts to channel your inner Elle Woods

Picture this, you’re walking through the doors of Lecture Theatre 1, ready for your first Legal Skills and Methods lecture of the semester, dressed as if you’re ready to defend someone very important in the Royal Courts of Justice.

Fast forward to your last Contract Law lecture of first year and I can almost guarantee that you are committing a crime against fashion.

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8. Thinking of a cringey law related caption for your Holdsworth Ball Instagram post

 Because ‘guilty of having a good time’ may just be too icky.




9. Your love for the discussion boards and gratitude for those that are brave enough to post their questions

 Got a burning question? I can guarantee you that it has already probably been asked & answered, luckily for you.

10. The relief that you feel once you have finally survived your first year at law school