What pancake topping is your Lancaster faculty?

We all know Management School is lemon and sugar, sorry

Happy Pancake Day! Obviously, this is the most anticipated celebration after Christmas. You can eat your body weight in delicious pancakey goodness, top them with whatever weird toppings you want, and even if you’re not a fan, it’s a great bonding activity to do with your flatmates. Forget Valentine’s, Pancake Day is the best holiday of Lent Term.

With this in mind, we’ve consulted the Pancake Gods to assign various faculties and departments a pancake topping.

Languages and Cultures

Fresh fruit, honey and icing sugar, topped with a mint garnish.

With ‘cultures’ in the department name, Languages and Cultures have to be a classy pancake topping. No student would be using these to top their pancakes, but it’s always nice to have something to aspire to.

Linguistics and English Language

Golden syrup.

They’re a true British classic, seeing as they study the English Language. Be warned, too much can be far too sweet, and you’ll be waiting another year until you dare to go near golden syrup again.

Law School

Peanut butter.

Toxic to some but loved by others, Law School is totally a peanut butter pancake topping. Maybe mixed with a bit of jam, it’ll be slightly nicer.

Management School

Lemon and sugar.

The most basic but the most beloved pancake topping, Management is definitely lemon and sugar. As the University’s crown jewel, we don’t stop banging on about you, much like lemon and sugar lovers.



A vegan’s favourite, this versatile spread can be mixed with a fruit of your choice, or enjoyed alone.


Egg and Cress.

As natural and green as it comes, you can’t deny that LEC tries to incorporate as much greenery into their pancakes as possible. Not sure how nice it would be, though.

Science and Technology

Cheese and ham.

STEM students don’t care what others think of them, so of course they pick a savoury topping. A little bit plain but still delicious, we’re sure.

Politics, Philosophy and Religion

Bacon and maple syrup.

Controversial but still a classic, bacon and maple syrup sums up PPR perfectly. Some love it, some hate it, and it’ll spark a good debate.

English Literature and Creative Writing

Blueberry pancakes.

As creative as the department name, English Lit and Creative Writing don’t just top their pancakes with blueberries, they put them IN the batter. English students can’t be like everyone else, they have to be just that bit different, and that’s why they don’t conform to the expected method of topping pancakes.


Ice cream, sprinkles and sparklers.

Dramatic and creative, LICA totally goes out there with their pancake toppings. Like a birthday cake, their pancakes are a true experience and something the other departments could never rival.


Nutella and Strawberries.