Which Cardiff night out are you based on your go-to pancake topping?

Because pancakes and clubbing are just an obvious combination

Pancake Day might just be our favourite day of the year, and everyone knows that your choice of pancake topping is a clear indicator of what kind of person you are. So, naturally, we’ve matched up your choice of pancake topping to an iconic Cardiff clubbing venue that we think is sure to give you a banging night out. And if you’re not a fan of the fluffy goodness maybe you should just stick to a chill one in the pub.

Lemon and sugar

The classic. Just like lemon and sugar, Live Lounge is always a solid option and will never fail to deliver. Occasionally you might try to venture out of your comfort zone, but you’ll always come back to what you know and love. Live Lounge is a sound option for good tunes any day of the week and will be a staple on any Cardiff night out.


Maybe the most basic option or for those who still have the taste buds of a 10-year-old. The vibes are definitely leaning toward Pryzm. Although it’s not everyone’s favourite night out, Pryzm has something different for everyone, just like how you can pair a Nutella pancake with pretty much anything. From strawberries and bananas to whipped cream and sprinkles, whatever kind of person you are we’re sure that you can find a Nutella option (and a room in Pryzm) that tickles your fancy.

Strawberries and cream

For a bit of a fruity twist, strawberries and cream are for those people who want something sweet, tasty and Instagrammable, and nothing screams colour and cocktails like Tonight Josephine. Sometimes looks really do matter, and an aesthetically pleasing pancake should be matched with an aesthetically pleasing night out.

Ice cream

A little on the feral side, but that’s where you thrive. The variety of ice cream/pancake combos is endless, just like the amount of VK options in the SU. An ice cream pancake is sure to leave you with sticky fingers and the ultimate sugar crash, probably a fairly similar state to how you’ll find yourself the morning after YOLO. Either way, you’re definitely not making your Thursday morning 9am after one of these.


An elite topping. It’s a little naughty, but worth it for that biscuity goodness. A fan favourite as well amongst The Tab writers, you cannot go wrong with this topping on your pancakes. This top-tier spread equals a decent night out, and that has to be at Misfits. You don’t have to venture far if you’re living in Cathays as Misfits is just around the corner. Whether you’re popping off at the photo booth, or even grabbing a cheeky vape for your travels, this student bar is a winner for its immaculate atmosphere and generally just screams Biscoff.


For those who like things a little more on the salty side, there is nowhere more perfect for you than Oktoberfest-style bar, Heidi’s. Savoury pancakes could be paired great with a large stein of beer followed by a chat with Cardiff locals up the road on Chippy Alley. Always a guaranteed successful night.

Whipped cream

Whipped cream may seem like a basic ingredient, but nothing perfects a pancake more than a flawless swirl of cream with a cherry on top, and King’s perfectly completes everyone’s night. Whether you start or finish there, its iconic karaoke nights give you the perfect opportunity to whip out your favourite Amy Winehouse song (we know it’s Valerie) plus you can meet your favourite drag queens. Pulse is also close by and open for those who have not yet satisfied their cravings, and want to boogie until sunrise.

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