Aaron has spilt some serious tea about his fellow Islanders since being dumped from the villa

‘There’s no way anyone is in there for the right reasons’

Love Island’s Aaron Waters has revealed all about his fellow Islanders from this year’s winter series. Aaron entered as a bombshell on the show, alongside Aussie bombshell Jessie, and after not finding a connection he was dumped from the villa.

Since returning to Australia, Aaron has not said much about his time on the show but he has now featured on the Where’s Your Head At? podcast with former Love Island Australia contestants Anna McEvoy and Matt Zukowski.

Aaron didn’t hold back when it came to retelling his time on the villa, from revealing his real thoughts on Olivia to his thoughts on Jessie and Will.

It didn’t sit well with the rest of the villa when Ron messed with Lana’s feelings

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Ron and Lana may seem like they’re the tightest couple in the villa right now, but they had some major bumps in the road. Ron would often get to know other bombshells in the villa, despite being in a couple with Lana.

Speaking on the podcast, Aaron said Ron’s treatment of Lana didn’t “sit well” with him and a lot of the other Islanders. He said: “Playing a game is a big statement but obviously there are things I have questioned. I’ve questioned how people have acted in certain situations. One example is Ron earlier at the start. I know his feelings for Lana are genuine but it’s just how he was going about it. It didn’t sit well with me, it sit well with a lot people in there either. I thought that was a bit of a game in a sense. Not to say he didn’t like Lana, but he was definitely playing around with her.”

Despite this, Aaron does reckon Ron and Lana could win the show. He admitted to Anna and Matt he wants Tom and Samie to win but thinks Ron and Lana could take the crown. “Ron definitely has a lot to work on with how he treated her. But if they end up together, then good on them,” he added.

He told Olivia he thought her actions were ‘fake’ after Haris was dumped

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Olivia was originally coupled up with Haris, and then he was dumped she tried to crack on with Aaron but it was quickly shut down. When asked about who he thought was playing a game on the show, he recalled a moment between him and Olivia in the villa.

Aaron said: “I don’t know what they’ve shown on the episodes because I haven’t watched it back but there was a time in there when I walked in there and wanted to get to know Liv. Liv was with Haris, Haris gets dumped and the next day she pulls me for a chat saying, ‘I was really closed off and now I really want to get to know you.’

“I don’t know if they’ve shown that but then I turned around and said I found it quite fake. I know how Love Island it is and feelings are different in there but there were just actions in there that I didn’t sit well with. There’s no way anyone, from any season, is in there for the right reasons. It’s the same for some people on the outside, some people are just there for fun.”

Aaron was initially weary of Jessie getting to know Will

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Jessie and Will are officially back on track after Will’s misdemeanours in Casa Amor, and a lot of viewers now genuinely believe in their coupling.

Like the rest of the public, Aaron didn’t understand why Jessie only got to know Will and nobody else. He said: “I love Will and I love Jessie, but I was weary at the start that Jessie only went for Will. I’m not going to say it didn’t catch my attention. Seeing them together in the villa was really nice and Will was chuffed. Jessie seem chuffed at one point too. It was a bit confusing that she never tried to speak to anyone else.”

Aaron thought Tom was more Jessie’s type and one night he hyped her up to get to know Tom, however Jessie decided against it as it looked like he was getting on well with Zara. Aaron also said after he got to know Jessie, he saw that she was a “sweetheart deep down.”

Will apparently asked Aaron if he thought Jessie’s feelings were genuine

Aaron also spilt the tea on Will’s feelings about Jessie in the villa. When they first got to know each other, Will apparently pulled Aaron to the side to ask him about Jessie. Aaron said: “Will comes up to me and is like, ‘Hey mate, just tell me the truth do you think Jessie is playing a game or being weird?’.

“And I said, ‘Being honest, I don’t know. I love Jessie and she does look really happy in here but I just question she didn’t get to know anybody else other than you when you were vulnerable.'”

Kai originally thought Aaron was on the show for money

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There are plenty of Islanders who go on the show for money and fame, and a lot of the Islanders thought that’s exactly what Jessie and Aaron were up to. Aaron said him and Kai were good friends while in the villa and at one point, Kai apparently told Aaron he thought he was on the show for “work purposes”.

Aaron said: “Me and Kai had a conversation and he event said himself, ‘Look mate, I’ve got be honest with you. I admire you so much and really like who you are but when you first walked in, I didn’t question if you were just in here for work purposes.’ I knew walking in there that people were going to think that.”

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