The Bristol Tab’s Clubbers of the Week

Seeing so many happy couples on Instagram this Valentine’s Day added a mysterious allure to the idea of going out and getting silly

Exciting news! Lola Lo and Thekla are going to be included in The Bristol Tab’s clubber of the week from now on. Soon we will have every corner of Bristol covered and no clubber will be safe.

Last week love was well and truly in the air, with enough Valentines Day celebrations and traffic light parties to bring all Beyoncé’s single ladies to tears.  Seeing so many happy couples on Instagram added a mysterious allure to the idea of going out and getting silly. I wonder why?

If you were being wined and dined by your significant other instead of hitting the cluurrb, shame on you. Here are our favourite pictures from last week so you can catch up on what you missed out on. I’m sure you had massive FOMO xxx.

Clique at Lola Lo

This screams Galentines night out. These girlies literally went to Lola Lo on the day of St Valentine and were clearly feeling love. Maybe they saw Cupid ordering cheese, chips and gravy from M&Ms on their romantic stroll back home. I know that little cherub would have good taste in post-night out scran.

Pressure at Thekla

This is a picture of absolute chaos. Faces of disgust all round. What’s rocking the boat ladies and gents?

I personally think the guilty looking individual in the white vest dropped a stinker on the dance floor thinking no one would smell it. The people around him are genuinely screaming; battling to get away from him. Someone’s even holding their nose. So awkward guys…

Flamingo Fridays at Lola Lo

Trying to convince the bouncer that your mate is fine and hasn’t just violently thrown up in the pink cave toilets of Lola Lo be like.

Pop Confessional at Thekla

Hate when people start clapping along to songs and all of a sudden you can smell every single unwashed armpit in the room. This girl knows what I’m talking about… I think.

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