Break up with the library, and try these eight underrated Edi study spots instead

Because the fourth floor is SO last year

With midterms looming, many of us are sick to death of alternating between the library, Teviot and 40 George Square. If you’re looking for somewhere new to study for some peace, quiet and good coffee, then look no further because I have compiled a list of Edinburgh University’s eight most underrated study spots that are guaranteed to provide a much-needed break from the fourth floor.


The Well-Being Lounge

Apparently, Edi Uni’s solution to declining mental health in its student population was pumping a ton of money into a suave new mental health building. Although I can think of countless uses for that money which would help students struggling with their mental health far more, I do have a real soft spot for the well-being lounge.

The entire building feels like a futuristic escape with fancy sliding doors and plush armchairs that look like they belong in the movie Divergent. Plus, there’s a terrace if you’re in need of some fresh air and a coffee station!

Psychology & Philosophy Library 

Okay, so you do technically have to be a PPLS student for this one (or have a PPLS friend who’s kind enough to lend you their student card) but the two libraries in the psychology building are rarely busy and have the cosiest vibes. They also get gorgeous light during golden hour coming through from the meadows. 

Plus there’s something about being surrounded by books you’ll never read that really helps you enter the pseudo-grindset. Just be careful of the endlessly irritating door that seems to get stuck at least once a day.

Rainey Hall

Trust me, the trek to New College is absolutely worth it for this one. Rainey hall definitely takes the cake when it comes to the autumnal Hogwarts atmosphere. The walls are lined with paintings of old men in cloaks so you know the dark academia vibes will be immaculate. The hall now comes with its own cafe so you don’t even have to leave for your mid-afternoon pick-me-up coffee. 

Cross Coursier Library

Cross Coursier Library

ECA cafe:

Although the ECA cafe sometimes feels like a slightly intimidating fashion show, it is also a brilliant study spot. The huge windows provide some gorgeous natural light and there is an extensive menu with both Edi Uni classics, like everyone’s favourite bacon and chilli jam bagel, and some fun hot food options. The only downside to ECA cafe is that you tend to get dirty looks if you study during lunch so make sure to time your study sessions accordingly.


Not technically part of the Uni however, it used to be part of the veterinary school so I’m including it in the list. As well as having a brilliant bar and some great nightlife, Summerhall also has a really lovely cafe. With tons of cosy armchairs and a variety of delicious cakes and coffees, Summerhall is one of my all-time favourite study spots. 

New College Library

Another intensely Hogwarts study spot. Unfortunately, the real New College library is currently closed and has relocated to George Square. Although the new library is far less Hogwarts and more, well, George Square-ish, it still retains the same quiet pressure that many of us find so motivating, it’s also opposite room G.04 which is another great study spot. I would definitely recommend visiting the OG New College library once it reopens. 

Levels cafe

This place takes studying to a new LEVEL. With comfy seats and charging plugs a plenty, Levels cafe is one of my favourite places to frequent during exam season. It has both more relaxed seating arrangements and booths with desks for more intense study sessions.  However, the best part about Levels is definitely the food. From the delicious cake selection to the extensive salad bar, Levels has a wide variety for whatever you need to fuel your studies. 

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