Clubbers of the Week: Sh***ing bricks in Week Six

When the only thing being ‘read’ during Reading Week are the club names on Cowgate

Now that Reading Week (or Flexible Learning week as the uni likes to call it) comes to a close, Edi students have had more time to go out without the stress of a 9am the next morning. Here is the rundown of the highs and lows of what you all got up to during Reading Week!

Stunners of the Week


Spending their time at Big Cheese fund-raising for the Teenage Cancer Trust = the most beautiful people inside and out


The top. The bag. The pose. She is a stunner AND she knows it

Not only is this girl a stunner, but also seems to be the life of the party on the dance floor

This all black look is so chic!

All smiles here :))))

All three of these girls look like they’re straight off the catwalks of LFW

Most gorgeous friendship group in WhyNot?

It’s a rule that gorgeous girls have the best birthdays

They both immediately need to drop tutorials on how they styled their hair

Her smile is GORGEOUS

Everyone’s favourite cowgirls

Coolest girl in Edi

Third Wheel of the Week


Great, now I’ll be having nightmares tonight


The crocodile looks like he’s planning their demise

Missed the memo to be wearing white

The guy in the back is not fitting the girls’ vibes

No kisses for her??

Somebody forgot to put on their corset for the night

Ruined a perfectly good photo

The cookie monster should be blacklisted from HIVE

Wanker of the Week


All I can think about are the poor people who will have to clean this up


Love Wednesdays X Finance bros

The smile you pull when you pass someone you vaguely know on the street

Men who put sparklers in their mouths scare me

Who took their little brother and his friends to Big Cheese???

When the Peaky Blinders go to WhyNot?

Throwing up gang signs in Subway

I wouldn’t want to be force-fed in HIVE either…

Hero of the Week


Big love


Big love


Everyone needs a best friend who puts in effort to take the slayest photos of you


Bottoms up!

I commend her bravery

I hope these aren’t all for her

No Fs given

definition of main character energy

The definition of main character energy

Another iconic UO corset top

Girl on the right is giving Matilda Djerf and I’m obsessed

Friend group goals af

The best things come in threes

Another gorgeous trio

Smiles all round

WTF Moment of the Week


I don’t think that WhyNot? was the most romantic place to propose


The context behind this photo is seriously needed

I have no idea what is going on, but I commend the vibes

Very on brand for Mr CM

Someone’s been snogging the cookie monster

What’s he fishing for down his top?

Is ventriloquism in for Spring 2023?

Album Cover of the Week


The confetti is everything


This looks like an ad for Bombay Gin

The vibes in this are immaculate

The BTS of a music video

Very vibey

Put your hands in the air if you love Clubbers of the Week

DJ slays as usual

Honey G is that you?

Pancake Day!

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


They’re either singing the bridge of All Too Well, or they’re about to get into a scrap


Why so serious???

When you realise that the photographer is your ex

When you check the time and realise you’re five minutes late for your business meeting

A smoulder to the camera

I really hope they took their friend home after this photo was taken

I’ve never seen anyone looking so sad holding a bag of sweets

The boys really aren’t matching the girl’s energy

Who’s the happiest guy in Subway?

The Best of the Rest

Shots all round

Who, me?

The vibes are top tier

Lots of love

Not the aesthetic photo of Colin the Caterpillar

The cutest trio

I ship it <<<<33333

Gettin’ into the groove


They’re having the best time

Subway Venoms make me that happy too tbh

Wonder who took the tequila shot

Full circle moment for the Haribo girl

Smiles all round

Photographer Credits:

Thomas Miller: Hive

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Kealan Bond: WhyNot Nightclub

Hamza Anwar: Big Cheese

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