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We rated the vibes across six of the best clubs in Newcastle

Sorry, but Flares just doesn’t make the cut

Newcastle is infamous for its banging nightlife, but no matter how true this may be, there are definitely some clubs you should steer clear from. Whether you like disco or are a sucker for a Wednesday night at Flares, there’s something for everyone in the Toon. To prevent fellow students from wasting their time and money, I’ve rated six popular nightclubs in Newcastle from 1 to 10 based on their overall vibe.

Bohemia – 9/10

I may be biased as Bohemia is my personal fave, however whether you’re a fan of throwbacks, rap or techno, there will be an event for you. Decades is one of the most popular nights at the club with the three rooms specialising in either 00s, 90s and 80s tunes. Amazonia is also a fan favourite with the main room playing popular rap, whilst the smoking area is transformed into “techno tunnel”.  The venue itself is also very Instagrammable with the swing and telephone props on the wall.

Studio – 8.5/10

If you’re a fan of raves you will love Studio. The music varies depending on what night you go however the venue itself is enough to have a good night. Although it can get a little cramped and sweaty, if you go with a big group and make a circle it’s not too bad. The low ceiling and LED lights make for a groovy atmosphere.

Cobalt – 8/10

Situated in the alternative hub of the Toon, Cobalt is an all round intriguing venue. You will find ladders that are perfect for spotting your friends when you lose them and a quirky crawl space where you can write on the walls or just go for a breather. The venue itself is a breath of fresh air if you’re sick of neon signs and flower walls and is definitely one of the coolest places to go out in Newcastle – not to mention it’s extremely LGBTQ+ friendly.

Greys Club – 7/10

It’s safe to say that the majority of Newcastle students have set foot in Grey’s at least once. The funky decor in the alleyway is more than charming, however it can get a bit too packed sometimes. The upstairs rooms are pretty small but play a good mix of popular rap. The music in the alley is often more cheesy and it’s guaranteed that Voulez-Vous will play at least three times, however the music is fun to sing to when you’ve had a few too many Blue Trebs.

Revolution De Cuba – 10/10

On the average day, Revs is perfect for chill cocktails – however, once a month it transforms into a terrace party. The drinks are pricier than most places in the Toon but the music and atmosphere certainly makes up for it. These parties take place on the last Sunday of every month but it’s worth the wait. Even though it’s a terrace party they include the bottom floor for busier events such as Halloween and New Years Eve and the atmosphere is unreal.

 Digital – 5/10

If your favourite DJ happens to be playing at Digital, don’t sell your tickets – the events tend to feel like a rave and actually make for a good night out. Nevertheless, the club itself is huge, with three different rooms that play different genres of music. Although Digital is renowned for being packed with first years so arguably, the overall atmosphere isn’t great. The smoking area is massive and quite entertaining when drunk but apart from that it doesn’t have much else to offer despite everyone thinking it was the place to be in freshers.