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Human barricades and suspension: Inside the protests happening across British schools

This is chaos

Protests have recently erupted at several schools across the UK for several new strict rules. Students are claiming they have had their human rights stripped after kicking off about the lack of mirrors in school bathrooms and toilets being locked during the day.

One school in Cornwall has put a “ban on pupils going to the toilet during lessons.” The rule also includes a “red card scheme” in which female students need a special red card to go to the toilet when on their periods. This same school has seen over 300 students taking part in a protest. One student even fell off a fence when trying to climb it.

Other schools are putting rules on skirt length and boys wearing shorts in the summer and students are clearly sick of it. Here’s a look inside the chaotic school protests happening up and down the UK right now.

An insight into secondary school protests in the UK

School kids are wreaking havoc across the playgrounds. With fire extinguishers being let off and bins being chucked over fences and booted at people – it’s wild.

One TikTok shows groups of students scaling the school building and creating a human barricade blocking the entrance whilst teachers run around in high-vis. This video says the kids are protesting for basic human rights over the length of skirts, doors on the bathroom and boys not being allowed to wear shorts in the summer.


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Other schools are attempting to punish students who protest. With an estimated rumour of ten people being suspended here and detention “overflowing.”×1/video/7203403415169322246?q=school%20protests&t=1677586000373

Students are making banners with phrases on saying things such as: “Our body, our choice.” Whilst others are taking time out lessons to host dance competitions and have water fights.

Other protests are getting to a point where members of staff feel the need to phone the police following fire alarms being pulled and students being charged with criminal damage.

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