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‘She made me look like an idiot’: Martin reveals all about his time on Love Island

He even said Tanya doesn’t love Shaq!

Casa Amor bombshell Martin Akinola has revealed all about his time on Love Island 2023 and he has not held back in the slightest.

Martin entered the villa with Tanya, but like all Casa Amor love stories, she went back to Shaq and Martin was left single and therefore dumped from the villa.

Since leaving, Martin has spilt some serious tea about his fellow Islanders, as well as slamming Tanya’s actions in the villa. Here’s everything Martin has said about his time on Love Island 2023.

‘There are a lot of double standards’

Martin Love Island 2023

via ITV

Since leaving the villa, Martin has slammed the girls’ behaviour on the show. Martin echoed a sentiment a lot of viewers have shared about the girls in the villa, saying there are a number of double standards when it comes to the male and female Islanders.

Martin said: “There are a lot of double standards right now. 120 per cent. Do you know how horrible it was having to watch Tanya and Shaq literally snog across from me every day? Every day I saw it. Obviously if the roles were reversed there would have been a riot. I would have had so many complaints to Ofcom.

“At no point did the girls tell Tanya that she was in the wrong, they literally did not do that. They supported each other. I was thinking, ‘What’s going on here?’

A domestic abuse charity has recently released a statement over the “manipulation and gaslighting” of the male Islanders on the show. ManKind Initiative, who previously commented on Faye’s behaviour in 2021, said: “Love Island has once again showed that when it comes to abusive behaviours against partners such as manipulation and gaslighting, it affects men as well as women as victims.”

Martin says he found three torn condom wrappers underneath his bed

Martin Love Island 2023

via ITV

When looking for space for his shoes and clothes, Martins claims to have found three torn condom wrappers in the drawers underneath the bed she shared with Tanya.

When looking for space for his shoes and clothes, Martins claims to have found three torn condom wrappers in the drawers underneath the bed she shared with Tanya.

Despite Martin and Tanya not surviving beyond the walls of Casa Amor, Martin really did have true feelings for Tanya. He said they were “quite strong” and were “developing”.

According to Martin, when he and Tanya were in Casa Amor, their “vibes were great”. He said: “The connection was real, our vibes were great, from the first day, the first five minutes it was there. We were having pillow talks, it was obvious we had an emotional connection and a lot of sexual chemistry. Everything was right.

“That is why it felt even worse when she went back to Shaw. I was devastated but I’m a strong guy, I’m not going to show that on camera.”

Tanya said her behaviour changed towards Martin because she was ‘homesick’

One thing Love Island viewers noticed after Casa Amor was Tanya’s change in behaviour towards the Islander. In Casa Amor, the pair were very cosy but as soon as they got back to the main villa, everything changed.

Martin said it was down to Tanya being “homesick”. He said: “She said she was homesick and that’s why she backed off from me in the main villa, a lot of lies were being told.

“I’m being told now she was saying that she she wanted Shaq back but she said to me that she was homesick, and I asked here if it was about Shaq and she said it had nothing to do with him or me, but it was a lie.”

via ITV

Martin claims Tanya made him “believe” he was overthinking the situation and when she picked her up on her changing body language, she told Martin: “No, it’s just in your head.”

“In Casa Amor she would sit close to me but in the main villa she sat 10 miles away from me like I was some diseased person. She made me look like an idiot in front of everyone and she made out that I was crazy thinking all these tings.”

‘My personal opinion is that Tanya’s [feelings] for Shaq aren’t real’

via ITV

Martin did wish Tanya and Shaq the best of luck on Love Island but isn’t convinced they will last on the outside. Martin’s personal opinion is that Tanya’s feelings for Shaq are not real due to her being “too easily” swayed.

He said: “I can’t imagine being in love with someone and being swayed with five to 10 minutes of a conversation. I’m not sure her feelings are genuine but I do hope they go far. I hope I wasn’t humiliated on national TV for nothing!”

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