From pubbing and clubbing to fancy holidays: Inside Casey’s boujie life outside the villa

He has not stopped partying since he left the show

Casey left the Love Island villa with Rosie and although they have since called it a day on their romance, he seems unphased and has truly been living his best life.

Casey exuded a big finance bro aura while he was in the villa and even more so on his Instagram, and that’s okay, if you dig that sort of thing. Before he went onto Love Island, Casey had a pretty exciting life from fancy holidays to non-stop trips to the pub, and he has kept that up now the show is over.

He is on holiday literally every month

via Instagram @caseyogorman

All you have to do is click the first, second and third photo on Casey’s Instagram and he’s on holiday. Love Island’s Casey O’Gorman’s life is nothing short of holidays, the boy travels non stop and you’ve got to give it to him, they look pretty amazing.

To list a few of Casey’s travel destinations, he has been to Tulum in Mexico, Sagres in Portugal and South Ari Atoll in The Maldives. On his various holidays, Casey has swam alongside whale sharks, ridden camels and even visited the Christ The Redeemer Statue in Rio De Janeiro. He definitely has no holiday left at the end of the working year.

I very much look forward to seeing which stunning locations he will be setting off to next!

Casey competed in the London Marathon last year

In October 2022, Casey competed in the TSC London Marathon in memory of his grandfather who passed away in 2020. In a post on his Instagram, Casey said: “What a day. Thank you so much to all the friends and family that came to support! Couldn’t have done it without you lot. Over £3,500 raised for leukaemia in memory of my grandad and I know he’d be super proud!”

He is a big fan of football

via Instagram @caseyogorman

Like a lot of people, Casey is a massive fan of football and he supports Arsenal. In one smiley Instagram post, Casey said: “Smile if Arsenal are back in the top four for Christmas.”

Back in July 2021, Casey attended the EUROs final with one of his friends at Wembley Stadium. Like many of us, he was hopeful football would come home, but we all know how that ended. From the looks of Casey’s Instagram he played football at a semi-professional level and has shared photos of him on match days.

He LOVES a trip to the pub

via Instagram @caseyogorman

Don’t we all? A lot of Casey’s Instagram posts of full of pictures of him and his friends at the pub across London and he enjoys a cheeky Aperol Spritz every now and again. He’s just like all of us! Casey has been non-stop partying since leaving the villa, you just know he likes to party.

Casey’s dog is the cutest animal you will ever lay your eyes on

via Instagram @caseyogorman

Love Island’s Casey O’Gorman’s life is surely complete with his furry companion. There is really no explanation needed for this one. You can see for yourself how gorgeous his dog is.

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