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Clubbers of the Week: Feeling like heaven in Week Seven

Because why study for midterms when you can drink to forget about them!

Curious about how Edi students are spending their first week back after reading week? Here are our favourite pics from week seven that suggest perhaps not everyone is in the midterm grindset…

Stunners of the Week


hellofresh delivering more than just meal prep kits to Edi students


Black top + whiskers = uniform of the night

The cutest cowgirls in Cowgate

The IT-girls of the night

The most gorgeous trio!

Hot girls know how to have fun

Obsessed with this girls energy

When Subway became Berghain

Cute and colourful

When you check your bank balance after a night out

Getting major hair envy from the stunner on the left

Loving the 70s sunnies

Who needs wanderlust when you have Bourbon

Creepers of the Week


What would’ve been a photo fit for the stunners category is ruined by the snoggers in the back


Side eyes everywhere you look

When you see your ex from across the dance floor

Can’t tell if this smile is endearing or terrifying

Hey little mama let me whisper in your ear, you can save 15% on insurance every year

Keep your eyes to yourself, mate

The guys in the back are desperate to get in on this trios fun

The guy in the background is serving haunting Victorian orphan

Third Wheel of the Week


We’ve all been there


Missing a kissing??

Don’t worry gal, your outfits great

“Oop sorry just gotta squeeze past”

Wankers of the Week


The agro-boys take on the big city


Cheer if you love cowboy hats and VK

“If you like the Rolling Stones, name me three songs right now”

Every short girl knows the struggle of being a human arm rest

Literally no words

Hero of the Week


A wholesome trio :))


A duo of cuties

A very fit friend group

It’s giving the duality of man

When you see your bestie who you thought went missing

Obsessed with this guy’s energy

Always love a bromance

Smiles all round from these two

Heroine of the Week


The pink feather cowboy hats are EVERYTHING


The pink feather cowboy hats are EVERYTHING


2023 X 1923



I really hope his tongue isn’t naturally that colour

I don’t even want to know what’s going on here

He’s looking very tired for such a romantic

Poison Ivy? Is that you?

“Oi get out of my face”

Must’ve been a crazy game of paintball

He either hates this song or is doing a humungous fart

This is serious, no more monkey business.

A hesitant rock on…

When you’re on a night out but you suddenly realise you can’t remember the last time you saw your birth certificate

So much going on here

“No of course I love it when you explain my degree to me.”

A puffer coat in subway is a bold (and boiling) choice

Album Cover of the Week


Such a VIBE



This photo is giving me major FOMO

They look straight out of Daisy Jones and the Six

Omg Eminem made an appearance at Rascals? Bourbon’s really going up in the world

These girls are absolutely gorgeous

Who me?

Making Bourbon look like Glastonbury

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


When your friend flakes out of the plans last minute


When you sniff your friends hair after she hasn’t washed it in 4 days

When you see your ex 6 months after the breakup and they’ve had the biggest glo-down you’ve ever seen

Why so serious?

Did someone say Blue Steel?

These three are in very different moods

These two are way too well dressed to be in HIVE

Best of the Rest

The sunnies, the confetti, the vibes

Love the heart shades

Caught in the act

A friendship group so big, they HAVE to be freshers


When the lights turn on and your mate points out the cretin you’ve been getting with all night

Can’t tell if he’s sobbing or dropping it low

Put your hand up if you’re ready to go home

“Babe look at me, this isn’t like you!”

Bringing back the monkey and going bananas

When your friend works out you’re responsible for the stench

Two vodka, red bulls please!

Obsessed with her tattoo

Still channeling three different energies

When drinks are half price

Photographer Credits:

Thomas Miller: Hive

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Kealan Bond: WhyNot Nightclub

Hamza Anwar: Big Cheese

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