In defence of Ron, the most straight-up Islander in the villa this year

I need another movie night to clear Ron’s name

Ron has been a sour topic with winter Love Island viewers as no one knew when to believe him when it came to his connection with Lana. However, he has since proved to everyone he does only have eyes for Lana and Casa Amor proved that even moreso.

In a recent episode of Love Island, Ron was the talk of the villa after a few of his comments became misconstrued by other Islanders and honestly, he doesn’t deserve it.

Whatever your opinion is on Ron, he has always spoken the truth

If you go back and watch all the previous episodes of winter Love Island, it’s unlikely you will catch Ron in a lie. Just like Shaq and Tom said last night, the boy knows how to talk his way out of anything. Sure, he didn’t have the best start in the villa with his head turning at every point a new bombshell entered the villa, but he has redeemed himself after Casa Amor.

During his conversations with Rosie, Samie and Tom, he never once lied or said anything terrible. He was only voicing his opinion on a topic that he was asked about. It isn’t fair to pile on him for speaking his truth on something everyone is thinking. At the end of the day, it doesn’t look like Ron has a game plan and he is only there for the other Islanders.

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Rosie went to Ron and Lana for advice

During the moment that truly baffled Casey and every viewer tuning into Love Island, Rosie made it out as if Ron came to her with his opinion on her coupling when it was the very opposite. Rosie can interpret in any way she likes just like anyone else, but poor Ron didn’t even say anything that bad! At the end of the day, Ron should’ve just kept quiet and not given a big speech about his opinion on Casey and Rosie, but the man loves to talk.

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This is exactly what Ron said to Rosie

To clear up any confusion and clarify just exactly what Ron said. This is the conversation between Ron, Rosie and Lana when Rosie asked for advice after the public opinion challenge. Rosie was sat with Ron and Lana and she said: “It’s best to just get it out. He [Casey] was like, ‘Oh my god no. I feel like I’m always staring at you, I feel like I always want to be around you’, and all of this stuff. And he said to me, ‘I do really like you’. And he is a slow burner and I knew that from the get go.”

Ron replied: “If you want to prepare yourself for the outside world, he needs to get to know you a lot quicker. The only way he can do that is by spending more one on one time with you. Instead of staring at you all day, go and pull you for a conversation. Do you know what I mean? I think the slow burner thing is a bit different because in here it can sometimes be a bit of a cop out. But I think he loves being one of the three musketeers a lot.

“And you like you said, there’s no one else here, he can go anywhere he wants and you’ll still be there. But that’s just Casey and I would say just keep a bit of space and see where it goes.”

Samie and Tom got Ron’s words mixed, here’s what he actually said

In another moment where Ron’s words got minced, Samie and Tom began telling the rest of the villa Ron’s alleged “gameplan”, when he revealed nothing of the sort. Ron and Lana were named as one of the couples who may have a gameplan during the public opinion challenge and when explaining how he felt, Ron made a comment that Samie and Tom have gotten all wrong. To clear the confusion that everyone has, here’s how the conversation actually went.

Ron was sat with Samie, Tom, Kai and Sanam and said: “When I was a viewer, I thought the people who create the most drama, they are the ones who are playing a game. I thought the ones who have their drama nice and early and then get comfy and treat it like a holiday, they’re the ones who just cruise, and I can see why people probably thought, ‘Lana and Ron are just cruising through’.

“I’m not bothered by any of that because I know I’m not otherwise I would never have made her my girlfriend. Means too much to me.”

Everyone thinks the exact same thing too

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