We speak to the Cecilian Society ahead of their production of Footloose: The Musical

The show is running the 8th to the 11th of March

Are you finding yourself in that mid-semester slump? Do you need a night of fun after the stress of deadlines? Then look no further than the Glasgow University Cecilian Society’s production of “Footloose: The Musical”!

Based on the 1984 movie, Footloose follows Ren McCormack, a Chicago-native teenager, who moves with his mother to the town of Bomont, where dancing of any kind is forbidden. With the help of some new friends, Ren tries to persuade the Reverend to let the high school hold a dance.

The show is running at the Platform Arts Centre in Easterhouse from 8th to the 11th March, starring Killian Spence as Ren McCormack, Iona Campbell as Ariel Shaw, Brigid Pellicano as Rusty, Josh Wunder as Williard Hewitt, and many more talented University of Glasgow students.

I got the chance to chat to some of the incredible production team, and find out how they’re feeling about the show:

What’s been the most exciting part of creating this show and bringing Bomont to Glasgow?

Charlie Rex, Assistant Choreographer: “Definitely the opportunity to work with so many talented people – everyone in the cast and crew brings something special to the show and it has been a joy rehearsing with them every week.”

– Charlie Rex, Assistant Choreographer

“The most exciting part about producing this show has probably been seeing it all come together during the full show run. I was also very excited to get together with the entire production team for the first time back in July to share our visions and start working on Footloose.”

– Rahneda Veka, Director

This is only the second time the Cecilian Society has been able to produce a Main Show, and the first that’s running for a full five shows, since before the COVID-19 pandemic. How does it feel to be back on the stage again?

“It is honestly the most incredible experience. CryBaby (2022 Production) was such a fun show to experience, and I wouldn’t change it for the world – but being able to produce five shows feels insane. It’s such an accomplishment.”

– Lucy Olivia, Choreographer

“It’s honestly so great being back on stage. I definitely missed performing during covid along with the rest of the society, so being back together putting on a show is just the best.”

– Mhairi McCormack, Musical Director

Has it been challenging managing full time uni with producing a musical?

“I’ve found the show to be a good release from uni work and an opportunity to just have fun twice a week with everyone at rehearsals, although the deadlines looming over show week are a little stressful. But that’s all part of taking part in the show and being on a production team.”

– Ross Burns, Assistant Musical Director

“Managing both university and the show had been tricky at times (mainly when I use Footloose as an excuse to procrastinate from my assignments) but overall, I’ve found it very manageable, especially because I am only in my second year of my degree.”

– Tilly Bird, Assistant Director

What can audiences expect from the show?

“Footloose is an incredibly fun, exciting and upbeat production and audiences can expect a lot of fun dancing, amazing singing and good vibes throughout the entire show. I could not be prouder of my cast and crew, and I cannot wait for the audience to see what we have to show them!”

– Rahneda Veka, Director

“An uplifting show performed by an insanely talented cast and crew, that’s definitely not one to be missed.”

– Mhairi McCormack, Musical Director

Along with Footloose, the society celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2022, on 18th October, making it one of the oldest societies at Glasgow.

Tickets can be purchased through the Cecilian Society’s linktree.

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