All the salty things dumped Islanders have said about the other Love Island 2023 cast members

Olivia still stands by what she said about Jessie

Winter Love Island 2023 will soon be coming to an end, and with predictions made to guess who will win the show, some of those who have been dumped from the villa have had a lot to say. Some of the comments have been in support of the Islanders, with Aaron rooting for Tom and Samie to win, but some have been very salty and it’s likely because they didn’t get their chance at possibly winning the show. These are all the salty comments dumped Love Island 2023 cast members have made about the other Islanders.


Love Island 2023 salty comments

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Olivia was dumped from the villa with Maxwell during a brutal double dumping at the beach club. Before she left the villa, Olivia caused a stir after accusing Jessie of “being very aware” of her environment and saying some of her actions were questionable.

Olivia doubled down on these claims in her exit interview after being dumped. She said: “I think she is a lovely girl but some of her actions were questionable, which other people felt too.”


Love Island 2023 salty comments

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When Claudia was dumped from the villa, things between her and Casey hadn’t been squashed completely and it seems she’s still a bit salty over what happened. In an Instagram post just days after she was dumped from the villa, she captioned it: “Everyone’s favourite option is back on Aftersun tonight.” Savage.


Love Island 2023 salty comments

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Martin was a Casa Amor Islander who we know all too well. He gets brought back to the main villa, things are sweet for a day and then he’s left single. Classic.

Martin was brought back to the main villa by Tanya and was done so dirty when she went back to Shaq. Since being dumped from the villa, Martin has not held back when it comes to his former Islanders, especially Tanya.

Martin said Tanya made him look like an “idiot in front of everyone” after declaring her love for Shaq in front of the whole villa. He continued to say he didn’t think Shaq and Tanya would work on the outside.

He said: “I can’t imagine being in love with someone and being swayed with five to 10 minutes of a conversation. I’m not sure her feelings are genuine but I do hope they go far. I hope I wasn’t humiliated on national TV for nothing.”


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Cynthia’s time on Love Island was short and sweet. She had a connection with Casey in Casa Amor but things didn’t go to plan, but it isn’t Casey Cynthia had something to say about.

Cynthia featured on Will Njobvu’s podcast and did not hold back when it came to her opinion on fellow dumped Islander Olivia. She said: “I’m fed up. I’ve had enough. I don’t want her on my TV screen anymore. I don’t want her on my TV screen, I’ve had enough.

“First of all, when we had the recoupling, when we were leaving, she was the first person to come up to me and say like, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re so beautiful. I’m sad that you’re going, I wish you had gotten picked.’ I remember going to the girls, ‘Liv’s actually alright, like, she’s not too bad.’

“Then I got to the UK and people are telling me that she’s been talking about me whilst I’m obviously not there anymore. She was saying how I was making all of these facial expressions to her and that she expected me to kick off. Why is my name in your mouth and I’m not even there? If you want to stay relevant, stay relevant with that you’ve got going on.”


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Zara adds another to the list of salty comments from Love Island 2023 cast members. It makes sense that Zara had a lot to say about Olivia when she was dumped from the villa, considering the amount of drama they had on the show.

Zara featured on Will Njobvu’s Reality podcast and she had a lot to say. Will asked Zara if she thought Olivia was a girls’ girl and she said she didn’t. Zara said: “No. Straight up. I have seen enough.”

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