Iconic Love Island villa spots but make it places around Bristol

The kitchen is definitely ground floor Senate

It hits 9pm and I know where you all are, watching the nation’s favourite reality Islanders. 

The crack that is put in this program is insane. It is known to cure any hangover in bed with a pizza after a reluctantly missing it the night before to spend time with physical people in the pub. 

I find myself asking to pull my house mates for a chat when my food goes missing and stressing that he is my type on paper even if his Instagram is mid. So yeah, it’s no lie Love Island is more than a show, it’s a lifestyle, a bible on how not to get mugged off.

Which is why we have matched up the iconic areas of our favourite ITV villa with spots in Bristol we are all maybe too familiar with so you can feel like you are really there. 

The fire pit  

Credit: @loveisland via Instagram

A place where you find out who has and hasn’t put all their eggs in one basket.

Gravity smoking area of course. The harshly lit, feral pit where just about everything happens on a Wednesday and on the best episodes of Love Island. Arguments, re-coupling, soppy speeches, the comparisons are endless.

The terrace

Credit: @loveisland via Instagram

You loyal babes?

A spot where acts of ultimate betrayal, cheeky kisses and apparently crawling on the floor all occur. So obviously this is the Brass Pig smoking area, always full of silly fresh one wrong move away from flatcest.

Casa Amor 

Credit: @loveisland via Instagram

A chaotic trip away to spend time with a new set of possible situationships? UWE for sure, your head will probably get turned but immediate regret will set in about two days later.

A night out to Pam Pams could also be sufficient for this one.

The hideaway 

Credit: @loveisland via Instagram

Ooo raunchy, the hideaway. A quiet spot for shagging basically, equivalent to the viewing point on The Downs in your situationship’s car.

Anywhere else is probably dependent on how adventurous your sex life is.

The swimming pool 

Credit: @loveisland via Instagram

No one goes in the Love Island pool so this is only really comparable to a place no one goes in Bristol, Pryzm.

Although a Quids In is often tempting after a post-uni-pint on a Monday…

The kitchen

Credit: @loveisland via Instagram

Are you the person who gets up every morning and makes everyone a coffee? Probably not.

The Love Island kitchen is quite tame but also a great people watching spot in the villa so in that respect it is basically the equivalent of ground floor Senate.

The gym

Credit: @loveisland via Instagram

Keeping it simple, the uni gym.

Both places are where you see everyone and their mum while you’re working out to get in top shape to crack on.

Date spots 

Credit: @loveisland via Instagram

Molto Bueno, Bravas or Bosco, it’s your time to shine.

These romantic, fairy lit venues would definitely be the producers top picks for sending the Islanders on their dates 

The dog house 

The ASS because no one wants to actually be there.

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