The Bristol Tab’s Clubber of the Week

Love showing people my wingspan on nights out

It’s that time of the week once again! I’m sure you’ve all been counting down the days waiting impatiently for us to drop this weeks edition of clubber of the week.

We actually have FIVE groups of lucky people to share this week because finally a club other than Lola Lo’s and Thekla uploaded pictures for me to look through and laugh at. If you are a regular Lizard Lounge attendee you have no chance of featuring in this article. Take that however you want.

Clique at Lola Los

If I could crop this photo to only include GAP hoodie girl I would. She is my Queen. Club’s going up on a Tuesday, three VKs have been secured and she’s keeping it casual. Comfort is always key everyone.

La Rocca

I’m not sure what day or week this was because La Rocca, very inconsiderately, decided to release all their pictures from February in bulk.

However, if this is you I’m sure you’ll remember the night you were covering yourselves head to toe in stamps in La Rocca very clearly. I wouldn’t be shocked if you still had remnants of red ink on your skin to this day. How did you actually get those off? I’m really worried about you all.

Pressure at Thekla

Can’t believe the incredible hulk made an appearance at Thekla Thursday last week. So gutted I missed it.

This little guy actually made it into quite a few of the Pressure pictures from last week. I love him so much. Everyone should have a night out mascot. My house had one for ages but we lost her body so now she’s just a little head that we bring around with us.

Flamingo Fridays at Lola Los

Love showing people my wingspan on nights out. This girl’s is literally over four boys in length. Pretty unreal in my opinion.

Pop confessional at Thekla

Watch out guys you’ve just been hexed. If you don’t share this article to three friends immediately she will appear at the end of your bed at midnight tonight.

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