Seven simple ways to welcome spring in the Toon

Wholesome activities to get you out of that winter rut

If you’re like me, you’ll have been over the winter season for quite some time now. And with the weather starting to pick up some warmer undertones, it was finally starting to look like the harsh cold and depressing season was behind us. Until this week that is. Spring will soon be here to take over our lives and I am ready for it, are you? If you need some help getting into the spring mood, here are some tips on how you can welcome spring back into your life.

Spring stroll

The easiest way to ignite the spring mood within yourself is to simply go out for a walk. See the nature around you, slowly coming from dead trees and unesthetic parks into the blossoming wonders we all prefer. Whether you decide to take a walk through Jesmond Dene, Heaton Park or Town Moor, opportunities are everywhere. So, go out, take in the spring scenery, breathe in fresh air and listen to the birds as they finally start to sing again.

Food, friends and scenery

A great way to spread the joy of spring to others is to organise a picnic with your friends. You can go to Grainger Market for some affordable fruits or grab some dips and crackers and have a tasty afternoon. You can go to the beach at Tynemouth or Whitley Bay, or head to any of the parks in Newcastle to experience the spring coming to life.

Day by the sea

Spring is slowly arriving but I know there are some who are already longing for that summer vibe. So, if you want a head start on those warm spring or summery days, hop on a metro and get off at the beach. You can drag your friends with you and take a nice stroll on the sandy paradise. Or you can even organise that picnic, just don’t forget to grab yourself a blanket, otherwise that lovely sand will turn into your worst enemy.

Brighten up your room

If you want to feel the might of spring all the time and not just when you venture outside, the best way to do that is to decorate your room accordingly. Print out pictures of nature scenery and style your room to light happy colours to match the spring vibe. And of course, don’t forget to buy some flowers for your room – they are sure to lighten up your mood and bring on the spring fest inside your house.

Wardrobe update

Another way to remind yourself that winter is beginning to ease is to reorganise your wardrobe. Take all the warm coats and huge scarfs and replace them with light jackets and sunglasses. Believe me, once you start looking at your spring wardrobe you will feel a rush of happiness run through you, no doubt about that. But maybe keep hold of those hoodies for a little while longer.

Clean space, clean mind

Some people associate spring with a huge clean of their house. I usually just opt for a much easier walk in the forest to bring on the spring mood, but each to their own. It’s safe to say that a cleaning day will refresh you room and your mind. And what a better time for a fresh start than when nature is blossoming again as well. And you can even make a whole day of it – have a sort out and then reward yourself by doing up your flat in some lush spring decor.

A change of tunes

One thing I am particularly fond of is making seasonal playlists. Certain songs pair well with certain months of the year. So for spring I am getting rid of some slow melancholic hits (like Evermore) and replacing it with more upbeat slightly cheery bops (like 1989 and Lover). No wonder spring becomes so optimistic when I alter my entire discography.