Clubbers of the Week: Feeling great in Week Eight

International women’s slay

Week eight of this semester has been a time in between deadlines, where Edi students have had more time to go out clubbing and spent less time on the 4th floor of the Main Library. It’s also been International Women’s Day, a day when all the Edi girls have been showing each other love.

With lots to celebrate, here are some of your best moments, caught on camera.

Stunners of the Week


I have no words…

Runners up

‘Inception’ 2010

Making me nostalgic for the early 00s

The blue urban corset: it-girl of clubbers of the week

I am in <3 with both of their dresses and makeup

The hair is giving lazy town in the best possible way

Hey lady! Where’s the toilet?

Happy birthday to this gorgeous girl

Each girl is giving an entirely different aesthetic, but they all go so well

What better way to spend your 18th than at Subway?

Obsessed with the red lip

Another paint ball victim

Quick! Someone tell them to keep an eye out for selener

Adore the girl on the right’s slick back bun look

Rocking on in HIVE

‘Hey girly want to hear about this great new business opportunity?’

Creepers of the Week


Is he going in for a lick?

Runners up

Modern day Edward and Bella

Put that tongue away

When your friends won’t let you in the photo because you’re not wearing a white t-shirt

Me at the library vending machine looking for a cherry Coke

Third Wheel of the Week


‘Do I get a kiss too?’

Runners up

She’s rocking, he’s shocking, she’s Winston Churchill on VE day

Reppin nan’s Christmas gift

Wanker of the Week


Put those guns away!!!

Runners up

This photo is giving the same vibes as that scene in Wolf of Wall Street

And suddenly I’m a peasant in 18th century France

Is he whipping in 2023???

He just let a spicy one rip

God look at that smize

Don’t air his fist bumps!

Hero of the Week


Knowing their place on International Women’s Day

Runners up

Bros carry each other home from the club

Who knew WhyNot held the local circus’ job interviews for fire-eaters?

The hand placement looks like they’re posing for a pregnancy announcement photo

Can confirm David does slay

The look of pure love

Guys take notes…

Heroine of the Week


Hero and heroines for supporting Teenage Cancer Trust on a Big Cheese Saturday <<33

Runners up

These ball gowns turned the cheddar of Big Cheese to Roquefort

Recent victims of compasitis, a disease where your arm always points north

Where can I get a pair of those sunnies

LOVE the stripy top

Sunnies are for sharing

If you don’t give me back my sunglasses right now I stg

WTF of the Week


Since when did WhyNot? start up an airline??

Runners up

“Harry Potter, the boy who lives come to die!”

Dante’s ninth circle

WhyNot trying out their new van der graff generator

The girls are fightingggg

Blink twice if you need help

She’s serving french tips

Why are they social distancing..?

It’s giving: ‘smile for a photo for granny!’

Are you happy to be in Paris?

Smiles all round- even from the guy being flipped off

Can I just check I don’t have anything in my teeth?

The guys at the back are totally baffled by their friend

Album Cover of the Week


It’s giving the casino scene in Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief

Runners up

Loving these girls’ vibes

This photo is EVERYTHING

Nothing but pure admiration for the gals who wear sunnies in the club

Absolute friend goals

Everybody in love…

Mia Wallace in Subway??

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


When you suddenly realise you forgot you had an essay due at 11:59 that night

Runners up

When you see your op walk onto the dance floor

When your mate Irish goodbyes

When your friend says Big Cheese is his favourite club night

Omg someone get Haribos for our fave clubbers girl asap

How could anyone look so glum next to these stunners

Best of the Rest

Screaming to the chorus of Mr Brightside

Bottoms up!!

When you see your friend finally getting with the guy they’ve fancied since first year

When you’ve got to arrest someone at 9, but WhyNot? at 10

Lots of love

If I don’t have a barbie pink Range Rover when I’m older, IDK what I’ll do

WhyNot just have a cupcake??

Big hugs

Peace, love and HIVE

Can I babybird you this shot?

Photographer Credits:

Thomas Miller: Hive

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Kealan Bond: WhyNot Nightclub

Hamza Anwar: Big Cheese

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