I asked ChatGPT seven questions about university life in Newcastle, here’s what it had to say

Apparently The Town Wall is the best pub in the Toon, yeah I haven’t heard of it either

The applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seemingly limitless and it surrounds us in our everyday lives, we see it through the facial recognition on our phones, it runs throughout our various social media platforms and in essence tailors our daily routines.

But what happens when we speak back to the AI? I decided to jump onto ChatGPT and see how it would cope with answering a few intriguing open ended questions.

What is the best thing about university?

“The best thing about university is the opportunity to explore a wide range of interests and develop new skills. University provides an environment where students can learn from experts in their field, engage in meaningful conversations with peers, and gain valuable experience through internships and research opportunities.”

A very mature answer from the AI, and it has perfectly summed up why we opted to study for a degree, to further better ourselves and enrich our minds.

What shall I do during the Easter Break?

“Spend time with family and friends, take a trip, get creative, get outdoors, catch up on your reading.”

AI has given us a multitude of options here to ensure you’re not bored for the month-long break. It’s essential to spend some time with family and if you’re heading home you may as well meet up with some old mates. For the more responsible students, it’s always good to catch up on anything you missed out on in the semester, and if you’re in the process of writing your dissertation… hint. It won’t write itself.

What are the best pubs in Newcastle?

“The Town Wall, The Bridge Tavern, The Cumberland Arms, The Free Trade Inn.”

A somewhat diverse list compared to others as the AI has also included pubs outside of the city. With The Cumberland Arms and The Free Trade Inn being located in Ouseburn and Byker respectively, they offer a chance to diversify your pub experience, particularly the Free Trade Inn which provides a pleasant view of the River Tyne from its beer garden.

What should I write my dissertation on?

“Your dissertation should be on a topic that is of interest to you and that you are passionate about. It should also be something that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to research and write about. Consider your academic background, interests, and career goals when selecting a topic.”

Most likely nothing different from what your lecturers have told you but it is wise advice nonetheless, if you are working on something you have a genuine interest in, it’s half the battle.

What is your biggest ick?

“My biggest ick is when people don’t take responsibility for their actions. It’s so frustrating when someone does something wrong and then tries to blame it on someone else or make excuses for why it happened.”

Another shrewd response from AI and it’s hard to disagree, we all know how it feels when someone won’t own up to their mistakes, certainly a type of person you would want to avoid.

What is your best chat up line?

“I’m no photographer, but I can picture us together.”

Short and to the point, could the AI be a wingman on a night out?

Tell me a Joke…

“What did the fish say when it hit the wall… Dam!”

On second thought forget that wingman suggestion.

What do you think of AI?

“AI is an incredibly powerful technology that has the potential to revolutionize many aspects of our lives. AI can be used to automate mundane tasks, improve decision-making, and even create entirely new products and services.”

Modest much?

Overall, it must be said the AI mimicked some very human like responses and the mind wonders how far can Artificial Intelligence go?

If there are any other questions on your mind why not try asking for yourself? You never know it may help you with your most pressing queries!

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