From awkward moments to name blunders: Each time Love Island Aftersun was an absolute disaster

Maya Jama’s Instagram story will go down in history

Love Island Aftersun was thrown into chaos again last night when Maya Jama accidentally revealed who had been dumped from the villa before it had been aired.

When Aftersun was first introduced as a spin off show to Love Island, everyone was elated and tuned in to get behind the scenes gossip about the series. However in recent years, not everyone has been keen on the show. As Aftersun comes to an end for another year, here is a look back on all the disastrous blunders.

Maya Jama accidentally announces who was dumped

During the latest Aftersun episode, chaos erupted when viewers were shown who had been dumped before the vote had been shown on TV. When it cut to adverts, viewers were shown a preview of Aftersun with dumped Islanders, Will and Jessie, before the dumping was even shown during the Love Island episode.

To top things off, before that fiasco even happened, Maya posted a video to her Instagram story getting ready for Aftersun and Will and Jessie were in the video!

Georgia Steel calls Shaq ‘Zack’ and everyone was fuming

During one of the early Aftersun episodes of winter Love Island, former Islander Georgia Steel was part of the guest panel and she kept calling Shaq by another name. Throughout the episode she claimed she couldn’t pronounce Shaq, so instead calls him Zack.

Her reasoning was she always gets it wrong so opts for Zack, despite knowing that isn’t his name. Nobody was too pleased with this and one person made the valid point she could probably say Shake Shack.

Danica was shown every time she was rejected on the show

Love Island Aftersun blunders

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When our resident HR queen Danica was dumped from the villa, she went on to the following Aftersun episode to talk about her time on the show. When dumped Islanders go on Aftersun, they are shown a clip of their time on Love Island, and Danica was just straight up “humiliated” during hers.

The video listed every moment she was friend zoned, and if you watched Love Island 2022, you’ll know it happened quite a bit. But she didn’t deserve to be reminded of each moment. One viewer shared their annoyance of the clip and said: “They need to stop doing goddess Danica dirty on Aftersun. Pack it in!”

Viewers accused Laura Whitmore of ‘humiliating’ Remi on Aftersun

Former Love Island host, Laura Whitmore, was called out by fans for “humiliating” dumped Islander Remi Lambert. When Remi entered the villa he introduced himself as a rapper and did a fairly awkward freestyle for the other Islanders.

After he was dumped from the villa and went on to Aftersun, Laura Whitmore asked him to rap on live television. No one was best pleased with the moment, and one viewer said: “Hope Love Island supports Remi. He looked broken on Aftersun. Asking him to rap was done in bad faith and to humiliate.”

Laura Whitmore was quick to squash any claims of bad faith and said she asked him “in advance” to rap. “Live telly is nerve-wrecking, believe me, so maybe he was a bit nervous but he deserved to have his time.”

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